Thursday, January 17, 2008

Back from the country

Hey there - just got back from 4 days at the family property - where it spent most of the time raining - which is wonderful when you love watching grass grow, not so fantastic when you are an 8 year old wanting to ride the horse as much as humanly possible!

Speaking of 'Salina, she is now cantering with confidence on the horse (not pony) and would sleep in the saddle if it were allowed!

Supergal (3) and Spideyboy (5) were also wonderful. I took them for a drive and played "I spy" - although Spideyboy needed to do colours rather than sounds. Not a lot of obvious things that aren't in the realm of grey (clouds), red (roads) or green (grass, leaves) - thank goodness, really! Supergal loved playing along - her clues were "I spy a road!" - pretty easy, really!

Only nearly got bogged once (chose to get rescued before that, though - on a truck with bulls, you don't want to do the slide).

Only had the instant family gathering once - 12 people and my SIL's mother!

Also had to learn a little more about death, as one pony died in a freak accident yesterday - kids all reacting differently.

Left 'Salina out there until tonight - so will hopefully have 4 hours work time now.

Then approximately 2 hours child-free V time. I wonder what that is like.

Tonight, my sister will bring 'Salina, Spideyboy and Supagal for an overnight stay - an opportunity for her to do the "big smoke" shopping, and for me to have the kids for some quality beach holiday fun!

By the way - did not get "the perfect present" for the birthday last week, but quite a few goodies - and I will post the recipe and photo of the awesome cake that I baked!

Now, off to work (oh, and try and visit some of you!)


The Brave said...

Many happy returns for last week, hope you had a good one and always happy for a new recipe with piccies. hey, could you do us a favour and send some of that rain our way? It is a sad scene over here in the South.

Julie Pippert said...

Welcome back and enjoy that childfree break!

Your trip sounds just so...adventurous (despite rain and watching grass grow). Just getting out of the norm and being comfortable and having good times.

mommamia said...

Sounds like a relaxing trip. Tell Salina congrats on the cantering. She is turning into quite the horse woman.

Tracey said...

I hope you made the most of the Child Free V time. :)
Welcome home, and Happy Birthday for last week!

Just-Me-Jen said...

many adventures - sorry about the pony, though =(

Melody said...

Typical. Bloody rain. Always the way. Nice to see you're back.

jeanie said...

Thanks folks!

Strauss - happy to send you a little rain, so long as the favour is returned when we hit the drought blues again.

Julie - stress-free is not exactly what my family do, but I am learning to enjoy their own unique brand of stress these days, so I must be mellowing.

Mommamia - I willingly take horse and creating horsewomen advice from you.

Trace - twas V's birthday last week - I am an out and proud Taurean - but he did have a great time, and a very fantastic cake.

Jen - that is country life. You learn the realities of life and death very close hand. There was also a new puppy!

Melody - we just don't do rain the way you do, though!