Friday, January 11, 2008

The Precis Post

I am home - have been for 1 1/2 days but not really online. So here is the last few days in precis:

  • Finally left Sunday after a domestic dispute (not ours - we were witness to it - nice, and advice to the girl - leave him!! Don't wait for next time)
  • Arrived in Brisbane safely after an uneventful trip
  • Spent time with the Croatian outlaws
  • Had nephew's birthday on the Monday, a day completely hijacked by ex-SIL's antics - including a display of PMT that makes me look like a kitten
  • Spent time with an old friend
  • Negotiated ex-MIL's landmine remarks about - oh, about everything especially to do with her family
  • Spent time with a few more old friends
  • Tiptoed through Croatian outlaws intricate family web of self-deception and ability to transmit guilt on to loved ones
  • Went to the museum (with a million other children and adults)
  • Blogged in my mind
  • Escaped, (timed to avoid fatal road accidents on highway) and got home to a very welcoming cat and man.

Since then, we have been wet (due to the sky, not the sea), shopping and preparing for one wonderful man's birthday today.

Last year I stuffed it up completely with a little help from the ex-SIL and 'Salina's best friend forever. This year he is having a celebration with us - but I still don't have any gifts for him. I have, however, baked a cake.

I will be back in the land of the blog before long, I am sure, but until then I have a cake to ice, a perfect gift to find, four loads of laundry to clean, dry, fold and put away, a father to have coffee with, a house to prepare for five visitors tomorrow night, another trip to prepare for next week - oh, and cope with the ramifications of the internet thumbing its nose at my attempts to send attachments like reports to government bodies.

I did have some good mental blogs while away, however. And I hope to catch up on all of your news as soon as possible.


Kaybeejae said...

Its great of you to stop by though, look forward to the bits of the mental blogging that you can remember.
Happy Birthday to the wonderful man and good luck with present hunting.

Just-Me-Jen said...

Whew, sounds like an interesting trip/visit. Happy Birthday to V - and I do hope you find a great gift for him.

Julie Pippert said...

Such a list! And mental blogging, LOL.

Hope the birthday is great!

See you later. :)

Jen at Semantically driven said...

Sure sounds like an interesting trip and I guess it's good to know that you don't suffer from the worst PMT in the world. Enjoy the birthday and we'll hear from you soon.

Melody said...

*heehee* I 'mental' blog too!!!

The Brave said...

I can relate to the mental blog thing. I have been doing a bit of that, since I have had so much trouble signing into my old blog ( have a new one now, just couldn't solve the problem. Would have liked to have blogged all the mental ones, but it all became too overwhelming and now it is just a mish mash of blah. Hope you are enjoying the school hollies.