Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The Search for the Silver Lining

After all my whinging, its time for me to try a little upbeat (as opposed to beat up).

Yesterday morning, I saw boy-next-door's mother at the bus stop, and she was heading in to town - so I got a lift with her - how cool is that?

Yesterday morning, I got to my appointment early - yahoo!

No one was there, so I scored a few minutes downtime with some coffee and toast - excellent!

Still no one about, so I phoned another who was to be there - and found out I was 4 hours early - ummm - yay? Impetus for a better, handbag fitting diary. (See, you nearly thought I had lost my Pollyanna touch - ha!)

Went to the bus stop and had missed the hourly bus home - but only by 2 minutes. Umm, oh joy.

Well, therefore I had time to visit the Centrelink and adjust tax estimates - bonus. (All those great people-watching opportunities, the chance to observe Australia's finest being screamed at for "failing to do their f*cking jobs" - by someone, I might add, who seemed to be failing to do ANY f*cking job, but that was about as judgemental as I got, so pat on the back to me.)

Ach - who am I kidding here?

Yesterday afternoon, my Dad rode in to town and saved his little girl from public transport - and hooray, his dental appointments concertinaed nicely with my needs.

The garage rang and the car is fixed. The tagline at the end is just one big, fat, double-the-original-quote downer.

Hmm - upbeat? Well, definitely the real silver lining here is my Dad. I now owe that money to that Knight in Shining Armour instead of the mechanic - and my car is working and with me again. I am so, so grateful for that (and I am moving heaven and high water to make the reliance on Parent Bank situation a short-term affair).

I really tried to give you all that "uplifting" feeling about my yesterday, but I can't do it, can I. Just too blah about the whole day - today is a new day and I have a list. I work better with lists.

And to make you smile, I will send you to a post yesterday by Bushbabe* where you can have a good one. It worked for me.

* Disclaimer - I know, I know - nepotism at its finest, but I send you over for more than to admire the amazing photography and wit of my big sister. I guarantee, it will make you smile. Well, either that or scream. But its okay, you are on that side of the screen so fairly safe, and then you will smile in relief as well, so twice as many smiles. Bonus!


Maude Lynn said...

At least the car has been resurrected! And, "tomorrow is another day."

Lin said...

Another bonus about yesterday, for us at least, it resulted in a great blog post. :)

(I so had to laugh with your description of the Centrelink visit. I can so relate!)

Hope today will be the first of many good days, that you enjoy driving your new-clutch car and being independent again.

Tracey said...

Yep, absolutely classic line there about the Centrelink experience.

Hope next week is a better week for you! (Well, and the rest of this one!)

watchdoggie1951 said...

I believe that you judge too harshly the " person who looks like they're not doing any f*** ing job".
That person is probably in the Office to replace documents "lost" by Centrelink, which meant their payment was late, and the creditors were pounding on the door.
Centrelink is a hive of errors, lost documents, miss keyed computer information and just pure vindictiveness in some cases.
"Walk a mile in their shoes" ? IF they can afford any, that is.

The Brave said...

Ha, I LOVED the Centrelink observation - how ironic!
The week is nearly done, take a deep breath and step into tomorrow :)

BB said...

Well done... chin up, stiff upper lip and all that old chap! Enjoy your now-working car and hope the interest on the loan is at a good rate! Thanks for the mention darl... and keep smilin'.

Crazed Nitwit said...

Ah yes, I remember the bank of parents. My mother saved our rears many times in our first 5 years of marriage. My mom was cool about it too, no nagging or anything.

What's Centrelink?

The screaming Australian sounds just like a screaming American. These guys are so effective using the F word as an adjective, verb, insult, interjection and a noun. As a mom of teens I just don't get the allure of that word.

Glad you got your car back!!! yeah!!

Debby said...

Yeah. Okay. I'm not clicking on that link. I KNOW where that link goes. (Shudder.)

mommamia said...
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mommamia said...

Being a parent of a grown child this is what Parents Bank is for. I'm glad your Dad could help and you have transportation again.