Sunday, November 16, 2008

The Festival of Jeanie and V

is drawing to a close.

We are exhausted and delighted. Many stories we are still hearing about what really happened.

Huge thanks to so many friends for travelling, and my marvellous family for disaster-management.

There are no photos yet (we failed to take our own camera, and the specially bought camcorder stayed in its box until 9am this morning, when I took 50seconds footage of the view from the balcony at our hideaway). A friend had his far superior skills and camera available and was ordered to film it by his wife who could not attend.

So instead, a recipe.

We snuck away from the reception at about 4pm on Saturday - well as sneaky as going around and saying individual goodbyes to 70 people scattered across a bowling green can be.

After an attempt at a nap and a small mini-drama involving one of our witnesses, an ex-wife, a father-of-the-bride and a found wallet brokered through our mobiles can be, our minds turned towards food.

See, we spent the night (and the night before - but with 'Salina) at a swank resort apartment on the foreshore, with the most excellent kitchen. As our night before had involved fish and chips and 30 friends at the turtle park, we were very keen to test out all the possibilities of our surrounds.

And our surrounds had very cool benches and a Smeg wall oven. Much as we were exhausted, we have experience in creating marvellous food.

Our options were crap take-away, recreating our first date with an undercover outing to the pub (good decision not to - apparently the whole wedding party ended there for dinner), or grabbing one of the cards with cash gifts and getting some ingredients for a feast.

Chicken Enchiladas a 'la Jeanie and V and the Superior Smeg Oven
Mini tortillas (yes, not traditional but given the range of the local IGA)
Taco seasoning
3 chicken breast fillets
Sliced jalopenos - would have normally got fresh for free from our garden, but we cheated and bought a jar pre-sliced
Can of re-fried beans
Sour cream
Grated tasty cheese
Grated mozzarella cheese
Jar of mild salsa

A bit of oil probably wouldn't go astray - we forgot but luckily the pan was non-stick.

Mince chicken and cook in pan. Add taco seasoning, water and some sliced jalopenos and simmer.

Warm refried beans with a little sour cream if you have inferior Australian excuses for refrieds. Whack some sliced jalopenos in there as well, because you can and don't have to consider the palate of a 9 year old girl.

Spread about 1/3 of the salsa around a baking dish - hey, some oil would have been handy here also!

Try to work out how to operate a Smeg oven that has no actual markings on the dials. Think you may work it out from the manual that is helpfully in the bottom drawer. Find out that the only diagram they have failed to include in the 32 page 8 language instructions is the one that tells you how to operate an oven.

Twiddle until you work out something that approximates warming up.

Do not attempt to work out how to change the time. Really. Don't.

Spread tortillas with refried beans mix, put some chicken mix on, top with a little sour cream, roll and put in tray.

Realise you have cheese. Spread tortillas with refried beans mix, put some chicken mix on, top with a little sour cream and grated tasty, roll and put in tray.

Notice avocado out of corner of your eye. Slice and spread tortillas with refried beans mix, put some chicken mix on, add a slice of avocados, top with a little sour cream and grated tasty, roll and put in tray.

Pour rest of salsa sauce over the rolls. Chop tomato and add. Put rest of avocados on top. Sprinkle with grated mozzarella and put into oven.

Find out what has happened to your child not just after the wedding, but interesting antics during the reception that I was completely unaware of. The upshot of it is 'Salina can handle herself well, and sometimes it takes a terrorism expert to deal with ADHD children.

When all melty and yummy,eat with extra sour cream and jalopenos.


Brissiemum2 said...

Rofpmsl! Only you could tease us with a wedding post and end it with a recipe!


MissyBoo said...

Congratulations to Mr and Mrs V.

Here I came looking for some wedding gossip, and instead I get a tasty recipe! Oh well I'll check back tomorrow in search of a romantic tale...

Debby said...

Only YOU could link the wedding of the century to enchiladas. Does V have a clue how aggravating you are?!!!!!



Wedded. You can tick that off the list now.


Jayne said...


BB said...

Ha ha ha... oh Jeanie. If these people didn't know you before, they sure as hey get the picture now! You are such a tease.

She will draw it out people. You mark my words. C'mon Jeanie. Give the people what they want!!


PS You're welcome.

Tracey said...

Debby already said it, but I'll say it again. Only YOU could put a recipe (for enchiladas?!!) on a post that we all were wanting, nay, DEMANDING, to be about your wedding day!

Perhaps we shall have to go and tease it all out of Bush Babe. At least she gave us some gorgeous photos (just to make us even more disappointed that we are not going to see the gorgeous V. front on, shy man that he is, though we understand his stance...)

(And incidentally, I'm so envious of the relationship you two sisters have.. seriously.. it's something pretty special...)

CONGRATULATIONS by the way!! Woo hoo!!!!!!!

Pencil Writer said...

CONGRATUALTIONS! You DID IT! It worked out for everyone (it seems) and halaluia! Oh, and the recipe sound familiar and delicous! Many, many happy days ahead for your marriage and family!

So the WV is sessesno. So do that. "No-sessesin'!"

Dean @ eco2oh said...

It was a fantastic wedding Mrs + Mr V, Michelle, the kids and felt privileged to be invited. The bowls was a fantastic idea. If your first day of marriage is a measure of your lives together then it's going to be laid back, fun, good food, lot's of friends and family having a good time.

jeanie said...

bm2 - it was a very important part of the wedding as far as I am concerned..

m+b - sorry to disappoint.

debby - well, if he doesn't by now he is up the proverbial creek, isn't he?

elizabeth - so ticked.

jayne - thanks!

BB - I am finding they are not wanting enchiladas...

tracey - we work on it.

pw - ? thank you.

Dean - great to see you folk there too!

Lin said...

A late reaction, but I was thinking about this last night. And I have to say: I find it extremely romantic that you spent your wedding night cooking a meal together!!! (Though I'm sure you did more than that of course) What a great metaphore for married life it is.

But maybe I'm just weird, being one of the few people I know who thinks the most romantic wedding possible would be to just trot to the registry one day in your everyday clothes and ask the gardner and the cleaner to be your witnesses.