Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Promise yesterday something for tomorrow that, when today hits, proves impossible.

It wasn't that I didn't take the photos - hundreds of the beggars (well, fives anyway).

Then the pear formation began on my day.

First, there was the delight that my new husband would be with me for the day... As exciting a prospect as that was, I had a hooverload of work to do this morning, so I sent him fishing and to hardware stores, and promised him some of my afternoon.

Second, there was the "little requests" from my client that I do love to do - and indeed I did them. However, those little requests knocked my own workload sideways and it threatened to topple if I didn't take something I had on my agenda to get done today into the get done tomorrow pile - which sort of kyboshes my plans to do some much needed clothes shopping - but I had an afternoon promised with V and there are so few of those with the concept of "child-free" attached.

Even so, my "little requests" did stretch into a portion of afternoon, and so all too soon the concepts of "child-free", "afternoon" and "with V" came to a halt.

I did assemble the first series of photos into a nice montage - on the other slower but more photomanipulation friendly computer in 'Salina's room rather than my handy-dandy notebook.

However, my daughter had done some neat homework and was to be rewarded with an afternoon of softball in the backyard.

And we have plans for a barbie.

And I have taken 10 minutes off my salad preparation time to let you all know and beg your forgiveness.

One day, I promise you - one day you will see photos on this blog.

But blog promises, as is life, does not always run true to plans...


MissyBoo said...

I am so disappointed. I made a special trip over for the photos ;-)

Jayne said...

I shall wait....:P

David said...

thanks for stopping by today. It, as always, is wonderful to hear from you and catch up as well in your world.
I do enjoy your posts!