Friday, November 21, 2008


"Grapes are like communism." remarks V. "Great in theory, but in the end I always have to throw away more than you guys eat."

Oh yes, this is the logic that works at 6.30 in this house.

Any good similes in your house this morning?


Debby said...

I'm still trying to wrap my head around the fact that you guys speak in full sentences at 6:30 AM, let alone with sparkling similes and quick flashes of wit. Dang.

BB said...

How about "it's as exciting as having a loose tooth!"??

Heh. And Deb. I suspect Jeanie will have responded with a "Mmmmm" - it's her trademark. Specially early in the morning!!!


Jayne said...

Grapes? At 6.30am ??
AM ??
No, nothing happening in this house at that hour except much snoring :P

Woman in a Window said...

But is communism as healthy,
or as juicy,
or as fun?

Pencil Writer said...

Duh, what? Ditto the above. Grapes. At 6:30 AM. With a snippet of whit? Wit? Spelling, even.

And add to that my WV: unpope. How'd ya do that?

Julie Pippert said...

Yes, a 3 yo is like a caricature of a crotchety old lady on a semi-bad US comedy show.

We have similar issues with grapes.