Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Social life courtesy of the internet

I am blown away by the kindness of the people I know through this little box.

I have this from Bettina.

Tiff gave me this a little while ago.

And Trish gave me this last month also.

I will, when given the chance, go through these and do all the i-dotting and t-crossing they require. Saves me having to think. That is good!!

Right at the moment I am looking at 10 days, 75 guests, no shoes and no flowers. Otherwise its just work and the general hum of life here.

However, I also have to give thanks for some IRL love from online friends.

Up there with anticipating the wedding, is anticipating the opening of gifts - and we are all intriged by a parcel delivered all the way from the USA from Debby.

And to help me get to the special day, some ladies (and a gent) on my favourite Aussie forum (no link, its for sole parenting and if you want it drop me an email) sent me a voucher for a beautician to help me turn into a princess.

By the way, I have made a change on my blog to enable CommentLuv - if you have any problems, my email is jeanieinparadise AT yahoo DOT com.

So really, its not a post, is it? Its more a "my goodness, I have to remember too much stuff, I will put some out there with links so when I need to remember I can find things again" sort of post.

Sorry folks.

I am lucky if I talk sense to myself at the moment...


BB said...

What the heck is commentluv? Is it related to those cats Deb likes with the bad grammar??

Looking forward to seeing you (and also what was in that parcel for me!!).

WV us mangst - mangy cat angst??