Thursday, November 27, 2008

I crashed

I crashed the computer putting together the pictures...

I crashed into many brick walls with work today, so didn't get a chance to revisit the backyard...

I intend to crash early tonight.

I will crush all my work tasks tomorrow - after I have crash-tackled the weekly tuckshop challenge I set myself.

Then there is a breakup for tuckshop volunteers - the four of us may get smashed.

V and 'Salina will have a quiet night in, won't they?

I hate it that I can't give you what I promised, what you want nay what you need from me - follow through.

But I crashed.

And now I think a chardonnay is in order.


BB said...

Ah yes. If Control-Alt-Delete doesn't work... always try a chardonnay. Works for me. Of course, then I call YOU to find out what to do next!! Hmmmm.


MissyBoo said...

Hmm, I'm surprised you didn't tell us Eddie ate the photo card!!! :-)

Enjoy your chardonnay

megz_mum said...

I am so looking forward to more photos - I hope your computer will behave soon!

Jayne said...

Glare at the 'puter, kick it a few times, toss it off the end of a boat with a rope tied to it and viola! you have a new anchor :P

Anonymous said...

You need a hard hat for the computer!