Friday, June 26, 2009

Foggy Friday Morning

Hello lovelies!!

High on fog here - and hyped up on the fact that
  • (a) I have been awake for 2 hours (yes, that was a 3am wake up, doggarn you universe)
  • (b) who needs any other reason?

Ah yes, the madness of early mornings.

There is a very thick cloud of fog outside at the moment. One car drove past to the North. Two minutes later a car drove past to the South - but it was speeding. Hmmm... Five minutes later, the first car drove past to the South at a leisurely pace.

Its funny, but I have spent far more mind power on contemplating that scenario than the work conundrums that helped raise me from the dead bed this morning, as I know any work I attempt at this hour will need complete revisions and I am far more likely to be right on my early morning sleuthing than my early morning slaving.

So what do you think, folks?

Was it a jealous partner chasing down a wandering spouse? But no, because then second car may have had a speedier pursuit.

A work colleague awakening the early shift?

When I was a University, I used to do the very early morning drive to collect someone for rowing practice - but the two cars have me stumped...

Hmm, we do live near the coast, could it be smuggling? (Sorry, had a Robert Louis Stevenson moment with the fog just then, could almost hear the tapping of a wooden leg) It was pretty close to full tide.

As you can see, this is far more productive than a little PHP knot I have to unravel!


Debby said...

We had a horrible fog this morning here. Must be a world-wide pirate conspiracy.

Alison said...

Who said that??
Come closer!!

The fog here this morning ate my children then spat them back out, freezing cold and dripping wet.

And we never did manage to find the horses we went out in search of...

I think the cars were after drug money.. The first car got there first and snaffled it.. You saw them leaving the drop scene... The second car was hoping they weren't too late, but got there to discover a 50 cent piece in a jam jar marked "tips", along with a note says, "set your alarm next time".

Yep. I got up way too early..

Anonymous said...

I think you're delirious on lack of sleep. And fog. You're imagining things. I've reread the paragraph about the cars about five times, and decided that 9am is still too early in the morning for me to figure out any logic or significance or otherwise in anything! I'd still be asleep if I didn't have to get up. (Work that one out!)

BB said...

You have SUCH an imagination!!! Always have had... I think it was someone dropping someone off, another someone late for work (at a strawberry farm?) and the first someone going home. But your story is much more interesting. Esp the RPS take.

Now, have you heard about Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett? (And if that observation doesn't give away how very polar opposite you and I are, nothing will!!).

Hope you are having a nap now...

Leenie said...

Hey! It is still Thursday here. It sounds like Friday is going to be a humdinger!

Cars in the fog...Taking Humphry Bogart to the airport to say goodbye to Ingrid Bergman (we'll always have Paris). The car going the other ways was the usual suspects.

Jayne said...

Someone forgot to wear clean knickers in case of being hit by a bus so their Mum chased 'em down?

Maude Lynn said...

At that hour, everything is mysterious!

Gayla said...

I love your imagination---too funny. But I would have been likely to do the same thing, maybe (lol).

Huggers, Gayla

Mistress B said...

No fog here today :)

We had a beauty earlier in the week though - looked around our area like we'd had a frost with all the glistening dew on the grass but go a block either side of us and the fog was rolling along

Woman in a Window said...

I think there is a story laying there coiled upon itself. Unravel it and write it out...if you've the time.

♥.Trish.♥ Drumboys said...

puzzling ...I would wonder the same things.