Friday, June 12, 2009


Yes, its been pretty thin on the ground here, postings wise.

Several reasons:
  • Too depressed at the beginning of the week due to late payment of invoices by a client;
  • Too creative with numbers and codes and little figures running through my brain attempting to keep the red out of my budget and making hard decisions future-wise to make any sense;
  • Too stressed by the middle of the week due to late payment of invoices by a client and having to decide between working for the man (or woman) in an office next week for guaranteed dosh over my little clients;
  • Too frustrated by government offices not understanding my simple attempts to keep the wolf from the door and thinking I made twice what I can because they were counting it twice; and
  • Too freaked by the end of the week by the eventual late payment of invoices by a client, his/her sudden need for EVERYTHING URGENTLY by next Tuesday sweetened with referrals to others he/she is working with AND agreeing to do a little job for an old client resulting in a 10 hour day in my new office space.

My new office space - the high point of my week! As I have to pull some late nights/early mornings on the dinosaur computer I SAID I had passed on to 'Salina (but still require as it has some expensive software I can no longer find the disks for) and as space-wise, a computer in her room wasn't working, I put V and I to work this morning in clearing out the spare room, rearranging the whole house and making "space" a priority.

I am sorry I haven't trundled the blogorama much this week. And probably won't next week.

Shoot - haven't I done this post a few times before?

In more positive news:
  • our stove broke down two weeks before warranty expired, so got it fixed in the nick of time!!;
  • I got to unexpectedly see friends and their newborn at said government offices while waiting for them to fix my little problem;
  • 'Salina got an extra day and a half off school this week because of the tummy issues (I know that isn't good news, but I wanted the positive list to look longer); and
  • Baby is still hanging (sideways, it appears!!)

What is up in the outside world?


Alison said...

Of all the photos, on all of the blogs, I have to say - I think this is the most beautiful one I have seen yet.

Hope you can stress less soon.

Sarah Lulu said...

Congratulations on your ..unborn baby.

I've been so so in bliss with my newborn granddaughter ..nothing much else has mattered!

Rootietoot said...

Looks like a baby to me!

Melody said...


Awesome - another little bubba on its way. Hope you are keeping well; besides the ups & downs of the week...

BB said...

Hang tight... lots of positives hiding out in Paradise. Might have to 'do a Debby' and hold still for a sec to hear them all properly?

Hope Salina is on the improve, hope the job front changes enough for you to stress less (calm vibes for that sweet unborn niece/nephew), the stove proves a boon for Restaurant Padadiso, and Centrelink come to their senses and reward your patience with some red-alleviating options!!

PS Word Ver is "Mitch"... a hint as to gender of persons-yet-to-arrive???

Jayne said...

Cheer up *passing you a cuppa tea*
Coz tea solves all the world's problems, right?!
Fab photo of Bubs :)

Leenie said...

Glad to see you are still down there hangin' in with the unpaid bills, paperwork, cranky computer, child on the mend and baby on the way. How could you possibly think you were overwhelmed and stressed?? Best wishes for a better week. :-D

Anonymous said...

Love that photo. I got goosepimples :)

Woman in a Window said...

I'm sorry, my priorities were all out of order for a second there. I was excited for your computer room. Baby, erin! Be excited about the baby!

Ree said...

Hi baby!

Oh, and Hi Mama! Hope the stress goes away real soon.

Debby said...

Stress sucks. Let's have a 'name the baby' contest! I mean, I know that you and V will want to pick the baby's real name, but why don't you let us pick the baby's blog name? I'm sure we could make you laugh!

Anonymous said...

I must admit I've missed your posts, but I think you've got some pretty ok excuses there.
Oh, and Hi bub!

MissyBoo said...

Darn clients. Darn government offices...

Hello Baby in Paradise :)

Crazed Nitwit said...

They are not parsitic life form intil they are teenagers, muahahahaha. I hope Salina feels better soon. Relax girlie. Problems can be fixed even if it's frustrating. HUGZ.