Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Oh three oh six ay em

At about that moment this morning, something stirred - whether it was 'Salina speaking up at her somnambulant playmates, whether it was the cantabile snores of V - heck, perhaps it was Eddie sending through psychic "feed me, entertain me, let me out" chants that snapped me from slumber to ticking my mind over and over and over and - doggarn it!

(I wouldn't put it past that cat)

After my twenty minutes of "by goodness I am lying here and trying to make my mind understand it will not win this battle" (which my mind countered with money, family, futures, work, meals, animal psychology, the meaning of life, laundry lists and motherhood) the cogniscense that today was 03/06/09 (by Aussie calendric reckoning - not so "oooh prescient" in certain sectors of the Northern Hemisphere, no doubt).

This blog has been written in at least seventeen ways since that moment between sleeping and weeping for the need... (oh, and I cleaned the kitchen too)

We must be glad for the escape of at least thirteen of them.

One of them would have been so poignant you would have kept looking at the top of the page to wonder who was guest posting.

I am sure one of them would have had you all nodding and thinking "oh yeah, me too" and then we all would have cried.

There was one that may well have got a lot up in arms and we could have had some warfare in comments - good thing that one cantered into the pre-dawn sky.

Unfortunately for you, this is what we got - another post of nothing, all about me and going nowhere.

Ah well, there is always tomorrow.


Jayne said...

So.....I'm guessing you didn't make yourself a cup of tomato soup in the wee small hours?
With toast soldiers?
Or eggy bread? :P

WV =demera - a spoonful of sugar, perhaps? lol

Debby said...

Hey. Jeanie. As long as you're up, why don't you make us both an eggy bread. :^D

Leenie said...

Blame it on the cat. I do. Darn hairball!

Crazed Nitwit said...

Geez Louise. You used two words I have never seen before and I am the word queen!!!

cogniscense? like cognitive

Cause we don't use the U's and C's and S's that the rest of the English speaking world does.

Ree said...

gawd, I hate those early morning brainstorms that won't stop and yet won't solve a damn thing.


Mistress B said...

That made perfect sense and no sense all at once.


You're pregnant aren't you :P lol

BB said...

Geez Jeanie... it's that bloody dictionary in your brain keeping you awake. Seriously.

Could you please speak English... and not the cryptic crossword variety!!!

WV is "mulme": which is my version of English ... mumbley-me!

Pencil Writer said...

Love the story of "unposted" possibilities. I am sorry for the sleep deprivation. NOT FUN, esp. when "with child". But, like the unposted possible comments you concocted, I can so relate. Not so much as with posts on a blog, but more like with "talks" not given, but they were all pretty brilliant, if I do say. And you can agree if you like, but no one will ever know as they were never delivered.

Why is it we're so brilliant when no one will ever witness the same? I'm sure, that on my part, it has nothing to do with pride or serious lack of brilliant thought, delivery . . .

Sorry to have mucked up your blog, Jeanie.

Hope you recover some rest time--w/o mental gymnastics to stir the pot.

Amanda said...

Gah! I hate it when I *need* sleep and yet wake at 4am, knowing that, as hard as I try, there's no way I'll fall asleep again so I may as well just get up and do something.
Sometimes I can read a few pages of my book (which I *must* have beside my bed) and that will be enough to switch my brain back to off. S

Maude Lynn said...

Pitch the cat and take a nap!

Anonymous said...

Good heaven's woman, turn off your thesaurus for a while and sleep. No crosswords for you for a week!

MissyBoo said...

My brain runs like that and causes insomnia... however mine starts the moment I get into bed, rather than waking me up too early ;)