Sunday, June 14, 2009

Lemon Squares

Part of our haul from Granite Glen was a bag of indeterminate citrus fruit (rumoured to be lemonade) courtesy of Pagi's sister, and by yesterday it was TIME to juice them.

'Salina was a trouper, and juiced (with the assistance of the food processor) well over a litre of the only slightly bitter goodness.

As is my wont, I started thinking about food, and Chef Google and I examined the options of indeterminate citrus fruit and sweet snack goodness.

Our final decision rested upon time (because the 1 litre of goodness took a while to achieve) and ease (as I am a big fan).

The winner was Lemon Squares - and I can assure all of you good folk, it truly is a winner. You want to visit us in the next few days (or maybe by tomorrow)!!

I don't know how exact to the original we kept, as we have learned one many lessons in the past year - one of which is "do not buy cheap cup measures" - and were reduced to measuring 1 3/4 cups of plain flour with the 1/4 cup measure (great for testing maths skills of a 9 year old, however) - and for a degree of difficulty I combined that with discussing numbers with 'Salina while she was counting said 7/4 cups out.

The original "dough" they mention is not so much dough as dust - or it was in our example - but I chucked it in the oven anyway. Next time I will ask the bricklayer to chuck a level across it, as there was a few peaks and troughs, but all in all an interesting experiment.

The ease bit certainly came to the fore with the filling, as it was all in the food processor and then poured and prayed for a positive result.

Next time, maybe I would turn the oven down a little, and I completely forgot (as my excessively neat kitchen hand V put it away) the icing sugar dusting over the top, but it doesn't miss it (except in visuals).

The results:

V's review: "Woke up at 12.20 and ate one, then picked a bit of another which was then no longer square so had to tidy that up and thought what the heck and ate another. Pretty good."

'Salina's review: "Really nice - it tastes like sweet custard and cookies. Can I have another one?"

My review: "Instant diabetes, but great joy in achieving this!"

Of course, the camera is not playing nice, so you will have to use your imagination (use the link's picture as a guide - theirs is much prettier than mine, but then mine are edible and right here).

Anyone for a cuppa?


Sarah Lulu said...

Isn't that funny Chef Google and I made Lemon Delicious ...yesterday ..
the recipe is on my blog...great minds!

Melody said...

I bookmarked the recipe - yum.

Anonymous said...

I'll be right there. Can't take that long to drive up there, can it?

(LOL at the reviews, especially V's.)

Kari said...

Hmmmm not sure what I did, but I clicked on the create a link and typed something... I have no idea where that goes in blog land but oh well.

Anyway, the jist is I'll be over in a jiffy for a cuppa and a square.

Oh and I have a weekend reserved for Lemony goodness, I may include this too.

the word verification is appropriate it is makeda. If we were toddlers I could say makeda lemon squares when I come jeanie lol

Brissiemum2 said...

Instant diabetes! Ha! In your case that would be 'instant gestational diabetes' wouldn't it? (Although I can tell you all about it if you ever need to know!

And how weird, creepy is that....I was looking for lemon recipes yesterday cause I snavelled my own haul from my friend's tree!

Leenie said...

Lemony-yummy. I may have to try that one. I've enjoyed them, just never made them.

Debby said...

V thinks like me, when it comes to cutting cookies. I'm all for neatening things up, myself.


3 tablespoons won't use up the lemon juice very quickly. Guess you'll have to make more.
I'm always good for an invite to eat some home baking. I just not close by. Darn.

Anonymous said...

I have a great 'quick mix' cake recipe for a lemon cake. One of the favourites around here.

Jayne said...

Ohhhh yum!
I'll leave now and be there time next week ?

Widdle Shamrock said...

Yum, I am so making this !!!!

♥.Trish.♥ Drumboys said...

oh yum ... someone made Mars Bra slice for me ... it is too nice but the Lemon squares look delicious.

I am time poor too and being away in the country put me so behind.

Hope all your clients pay on time this week and give you a break ! How stressful !

Crazed Nitwit said...

Sounds like the family gave them rave reviews! There's a chef Google?

I'm trying to figure out the best way to scope out jobs and Google is kind of being the enemy. :P

Hope you're feeling well!

Lin said...

You didn't give us a review by sideways-hanging peanut?

We'll be over for afternoon tea... I wish!

Anonymous said...

I love lemon anything, including lemon squares. This resipe is a little different to the one I use so I am looking forward to trying it. Thanks for the link and the review, great work!