Thursday, September 10, 2009

Comedy of Errors - part deux

So, yesterday had its merits and detractions, but today - today was going to be different.

For a start, I had my car back - and I had my organisational hat on and a to-do list to die for.

In the middle of the day was to be my lunchtime respite - getting to see 'Salina play violin in the Finals of her school's talent quest.

So I was firing this morning - breakfast, tick; washing on, tick; make lunches, tick; go through 'Salina's playlist, tick; get 'Salina on schoolbus, tick; organise work for the day, tick.

The phone rang. It was the school. As I am head honcho for the P & C they required my scrawl for some paperwork - no problem, slot it in to my day's schedule.

Oh yes, you see this whole organisational caboose hurtling along just too well, don't you?

Well, if you don't, fate did.

Not two seconds after hanging up, the phone rang again. It was the school again. Nothing to do with P & C activity, however.

It seems that 'Salina, in putting up something in the classroom had dropped it, hopped off the chair to retrive it, bent down to pick it up and completely failed to navigate the sharp corner of the teacher's desk in her trajectory downwards - in fact, the complete fail took place right on her right eyebrow.

Blood, tears, ice, a phone call to me, a very quick get dressed, look longingly at my shattered schedule and drive (yay car) to the school later I met with my devastated child.

One good thing about a smallish town is the local doctor will say "sure, bring her in" when you regale them with such a tale, and they will shuffle her in between appointments for a quick check.

The quick check resulted in the doctor saying "stitches would be best" and a flood of tears from 'Salina as "she doesn't like needles" - especially the sort that take forever, sting like crazy and numb your face.

Three very neat stitches later, she was back home for me to allow her 1 hour of TLC before depositing her back at school - a balance between indulgence and genuine need to get some work done today.

I had just finished that hour post redeposit of the child, and was having the lunch I prepared earlier before heading back into school for the Talent Quest - I bit in - and immediately spat it out - the tomato tasted disgusting!!!! And as the exact same lunch is packed in 'Salina's bag, I had to ring the school and organise a tuckshop lunch - again - for her.

Anyhow, that brings us up to speed and I want everyone in the world to wish heartily that there WILL BE no part 3 to this little saga...

Off now to see her violinise.

Addendum (because otherwise we would be looking at part 2 a and it would all be in reverse)

I went to the school.

I sat on the cement amongst many primary school students.

Performances were set to start at 1.05pm - it kicked off on time.

  1. There was a dance with 2 little girls - quite cute, full song length.
  2. There was a risque poem with 2 older boys - quite funny (especially when they almost said rude words).
  3. There was a dance with 1 very practiced girl - probably lost a little in the costuming choice of school uniform - well performed, full song length.
  4. There was a dance routine with 3 older girls - they forgot the music so you had to sort of guess what it was they were dancing to - still went full song length
  5. Another dance routine with 3 older boys - basically taking the mick out of all the girls doing dance routines - would have been funnier if it was shorter and had a bit of variety involved, but still, quite cute, full song length
  6. Then there was a dance routine with 5 girls 'Salina's age - all of them are her friends, so I was probably biased but very well rehearsed - and again, full song length.

Now, do you notice a pattern here? Yes. It seems the teacher told them they had a time limit of up to 5 minutes. And they all (except the poetry recitalists) chose to use their full 5 minutes.

It seems the music teacher has a glaring failing, and could not work out why the 20 acts could not be fit into the 30 minutes lunchtime allocated. She even seemed surprised.

I am hoping that my year 5 girl could do the arithmetic on that one and advise that it was never going to happen. Heck, they could have also said "your daughter is 11 in the list, therefore will be not on until some time next week".

Let us just say, chalk it up, par for the course - and my daughter will be appearing in the Talent Show - some time next week...


Anonymous said...

Ah, you're kidding..? Right? No, you're not, are you... Unbelievable.

♥.Trish.♥ Drumboys said...

At least you can't complain of a dull day or moment.
Wait till you add a baby into the mix ...

BB said...

Ye gads... at least she isn't teaching math!! Hopeless... did you feel like rent-a-crowd?? How many other mums along for the ride?

Debby said...

LOL at BB. Music teachers tend to be a bit 'right brained'. Unorganized, creative, etc. Like some Americans you might know of.

MissyBoo said...

Poor 'Salina... and poor you with your Error Week. Hope next week is much improved :)

Le said...

oh no - poor wee one - a whole hour at home to recoup - my lads would milk that one for a whole day if not longer ... nice mothering :) le

Mistress B said...

our school's music teacher has some unique skills too......... must run in the discipline!

Woman in a Window said...

Yikes! Three stitches. That smarts!

and then she danced later that day? That is one fortified girl!

OK, let's see, 5X20=30...