Friday, September 04, 2009

September Morning

I have had it all.

I woke with anger at 4 - well, not so much anger as p!ssed off - the low-pitched ongoing yowls of two cats in the next door driveway.

This grew when I realised our Eddie had escaped during the night and was one of the participants.

Both pugilists disappeared quicksmart when I appeared. Then there was pride - our Eddie was protecting his territory (I would like to think he would have won if Mummy hadn't saved him) but mainly because I hadn't descended into a few yowls myself and woken the neighbourhood at 4 to tartan nightdress delights.

After the obligatory 20 minutes of thawing and attempting to sleep, I got out of bed in frustration. It is a curious brand of insomnia, this one I have.

Still, the good thing about being up and about at 4.30 is there is rarely anyone to bother you. I was able to do my morning potter and make my tea.

Sipping my tea I felt relaxed. It is a truly beautiful morning, the sun was just starting to soften the darkness and it feels like only me and the newspaper delivery guy are awake.

I fired up the computer and I shed a few tears - I have only read 3 blogs this morning (which is 3 more than I got to yesterday).

Deb has got her pathology results back - expletive deleted - I first "met" Debby when she commented on my sister's fledgling blog, but with her journey over the last couple of years she has become a friend - not just a Jeanie friend, but a family friend. My daughter "knows" her and asks after her. She sent me a wedding present (and yes, I still haven't sent thank yous to everyone, sorry!) and I know that if anyone is going to fight the good fight it will be her! (Oh, and by the way Deb, it was the dog from the British Paints ad I think, in terms of the bitch I meant).

as a result, Bushbabe turned to God - she says the stuff I wish I could say sometimes.

and, as always, Sarah Lulu put God into perspective for me.

Now, I have to get ready for work, and while I am frustrated that I cannot work out the bluetooth connection to this computer to send the photo I took yesterday from the lift at work, I will leave you with what it says.

First point on the Emergency Procedures in the lift at work: "Stay Clam"

Sounds like a plan.


Debby said...

Oh, this will probably 'take' twice, but thanks for the out loud laugh today. You have just handed me my new catch phrase: Stay clam. Don't panic. Has a ring to it, doesn't it? Right then. I'm clam.

*wanders off laughing*

Sarah Lulu said...

Jeanie, I also like...

from Douglas Adams' Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (loved those books so much) ...

Don't panic and don't forget your towel.

Sending love and light to your friend Debby. xxxxx

Farmers Wifey said...

I hope you have a good day today. I have sent you two awards, thanks so much for being a great bloggy buddy, see my blog for details!

Leenie said...

1. Go Eddie! Go tartan nightdress!
2. Insomnia-pthooey-except you DO get some uninterrupted time to yourself. Having the boss catch you nodding off in the afternoon--not good.
3. Loved ones dealing with cancer is one of the toughest challenges of life. Only thing worse must be dealing with cancer yourself. Blessings to your friend and to you.

BB said...

I have a mental image of you in your jim-jams, being all zen and 'ooommmm-ing' cross-legged in a giant clam shell...

Can't think why!?

Anonymous said...

ooo Sarah beat me to the bit about making sure you have a towel.
...and prayers going up for Debby from here too.

David said...

So wonderful to read and smile with your writing!

Jayne said...

I'm always trying to attain the state of clam but, so far, it's evaded me....