Saturday, September 26, 2009

I would like to announce my return to the real world

However the dust storm on Wednesday started it all off again, and therefore we have interminable coughing from this neck of the woods.

To compound the joy of the moment, 'Salina has her own special variation of it going, a lovely hybrid of what she has had lingering for months and what Mummy has brought to the table.

Oh, and not to miss out on the action, V has just started his version, and we can have the full symphony at some points of the evening.

Vitamin Cs in high demand and a fun September school holidays being enjoyed by all.

Prior to Wednesday, however, things were brighter - we were visiting relatives which meant a great deal of horsely and cousinly activity for 'Salina.

There was a slight amount of hair pulling for me with diminished internet connectivity (not just for my social life - I actually had some work that required a bit of internet - I have the WORST boss in the world, she won't even let me enjoy a holiday. Of course, I could just thumb my nose and resign but as I work for myself I do this regularly and no notice is taken)

Next week I have plans of actually having some school holidays with 'Salina, and then bundle her into care for a few days while I work and prepare for a lightening trip to Brisbane (already overbooked with relatives, friends, school reunions and buying stuff for baby).

Collapsing is on the cards in October.

I hope the world is treating my internet friends well, and I promise to pop by at some point soon.


MissyBoo said...

Sorry to hear you are all with lurgy again. I hope you all recover when the dust settles!

Enjoy your self-imposed holiday time next week, and we'll see you round soon xxx

Anonymous said...

Look after yourself. Bloody dust.

Debby said...

Since digital TV came along to improve our situation, we now don't get reception at all (save one college station), but I was out and saw the dust storms. I was shocked at how horrible they were. The amount of topsoil lost was staggering. I can't imagine having all that particulate in the air.

Take care, and I hope your coughing settles down soon.

Mistress B said...

I hope you are all on the mend soon and get to make the most of the remainder of the hols :)

Farmers Wifey said...

We have had dust up here too, I am a bit over it all now...