Friday, September 18, 2009

News from a sn0thead

Apologies for the language folks, but it is me to a T this week - sore throat on Saturday night blown into a fully-fledged lurgy-filled ball of sunshine.

I am sorry I haven't been around others places or even on here to update you - it would have just been part 3 (and maybe 4, 5 and 6) of the previous laments and as I am chronically sick of my own whining, didn't really see the point of extending my personal cloud of doom over the net. Especially when there are others who have far more important things to contemplate right now.

Monday I had a Glucose Tolerance Test in the morning so I could get back in time for 'Salina's violin performance in the Talent Quest (and yes, we need violins for this ongoing saga)..

However, going in to have the Glucose Tolerance Test meant that I missed the school assembly - which would have told me of a change of times for 'Salina's violin performance to the earlier lunch - which of course I missed at I was having a (all sing with me) Glucose Tolerance Test.

Apparently she did quite well - got a 10/10 from one of the judges (and an 8 and a 7) but missed the final by 1 point. This is slightly disappointing, but a relief in one way as it is one less trip to school this week for me (I have been up there 5 times so far this week and will be up there for an hour this morning - where is the "hide from volunteering" door?).

A lot of people have a problem with the Glucose Tolerance Test. The drink has actually improved in the last 10 years, and the drinking the liquid was no problem (and hey, it is halal, kosher AND gluten free!).

The sitting for an hour in an overcrowded 1970s waiting room trying not to cough or sneeze too much, however, was excrutiating. The pathology lab at the hospital shares a waiting room with the dental clinic, and both have reputations for not running to schedule and grumpy patrons. When I say "1970s waiting room" I am not, by the way, referring to a funky retro feel, rather a funky never updated feel. I think the one magazine available to the masses was a little more recent.

As I give blood (when not pregnant) I have no problems being pinned by needles.

Tuesday 'Salina got her stitches removed without a whimper and now has a very neat scar that will no doubt add to her allure.

Wednesday I got the results, and it turns out I am amazingly tolerant - far moreso than the nurse who had the joy of administering an anti-D injection. I am not sure if she had a case of the hump-day blues or it was a bit of an inconvenience, but I got the feeling it was more painful for her to give than it was for me to receive.

Yesterday I was "kokos bez glave", working at home and at school with about equal amounts to show for it at the end of the day - and today I shall be a little the same.

It is break up day today, so the last ever day of Term 3 of Grade 5 for 'Salina. The holidays are 2 weeks long, and until Wednesday they were going to be a great deal of running around with work and family and trying to fit in a day or two of leisure for her, however one work thing changed and now it will be a slightly more relaxed amount of running around with family and work and trying to fit in a day or three of leisure for her.

I am hoping with the whole "holiday" thing, my health and disposition will improve and I will be back on form. Gotta reach for the stars.

There is an ad on here at the moment, advertising "Sleptember" - I am thinking they have a point!!

Have a great Friday, all!!


Brissiemum2 said...

I had that blood sugar test and found the drink nowhere near as bad as I was warned. Pity that my test came back mega high in blood sugar and therefore diabetic. Maybe that's why the drink didn't bother me. Rofl!

Btw, I finally got to try your date loaf recipe and it was excellent. Thanks. I'll definitely be using it again!

Anonymous said...

A bath and a back rub is in order...V

BB said...

Awww... I love it when V actually comments! What a sweetie... looking forward to being part of your holiday love!!!

MissyBoo said...

Hope your lurgy passes very quickly and you feel yourself again in no time.


When you share the whine it thins it out and makes it easier to survive so go ahead.
Feel better soon.

Jayne said...

Good luck and keep blowing!

Debby said...

Aaaaaaaaw! How sweet V is! I hope that you took him up on that warm bath and back rub. There's a product over here, mentholated bath salts. It's soothing, like sinking into a warm liquidy mentholated muscle rub, and it is sooo comforting to breathe in the warm vapors rising in the steam of the bath.

Anonymous said...

I think I've missed something somewhere along the line as to what 'kokos bez glave' means! (I googled it, and guess what came up first? This post!)

Hope you get yourself better soon. I reckon you've had enough with the coughs and colds lately.

*waves magic wand*