Tuesday, March 27, 2007


So many ideas have cropped up regarding blogs - but so little time, it seems.

I wanted to talk about being a solo mum and entering the dating game, in reference to two excellent posts by Kimberly at Sanity and the Solo Mom, SSM at Surviving Single Mom that got me thinking... but I don't have time, really. So note to self, think and write some time...

The reason for rush today is that in 1 hour and 25 minutes I have a 2nd interview for a job that I would like to get but won't be devastated if I don't.

I would love to get it because I don't like being unemployed (or rather, under employed - I find little bits to keep me occupied but it doesn't pay squat or keep me solvent) and I would really like to be employed before Easter because I made a promise to myself to be so before V is no longer my long-distance darling and he will no longer be my long-distance darling come Easter.

V will no longer be my long-distance darling come Easter - because he is coming at Easter (here, that is, none of your minds in gutters or biblical analogies, please).

And on top of that it (we are talking about the job again) would wake my mind up and widen the circle - and, perchance, give the bank account a refreshing new look.

I wouldn't be devastated because I am being put forward for another job this week that looks more interesting, use more of my skills and have more people in the workplace. Today's job also has the potential for 2 office moves in the next 8 months - but I would have more autonomy.

Oh well, enough crossing bridges. If I get it, it is meant to be. If not, maybe I will get the next one. And if not that, then maybe I will get to spend some time with V and 'Salina over the Easter Break.

Its just win, win, win really. (But do wish me luck!)


Anonymous said...

It was quite interesting reading your post...and well Easter is also coming up in a while now...and there are lotsa people really excited about it...and well to share some of the fun and joy of Easter also visit my blog on Easter Wishes sometime and enjoy all that i've posted there!!!

Tracey said...

I'm wishing you good luck! And also asking if it wouldn't be possible to take the first job if offered, then if you are offered the second one, decide whether you want that one and ditch the other one... ?? I know my conscience would struggle with doing so, but in the end it's look after No. 1, because nobody else will.

Is your LDD (Long Distance Darling) moving to you?!

strauss said...

Yes, good luck on the job front, exciting times if it all pans out.
Man! Am I having trouble with this word verification
Third time lucky....

Anonymous said...

Fingers crossed with the job thing.

jeanie said...

Thanks Dave - your blog looks interesting but I don't really like pop-ups of outstanding offers when I am surfing... But hey, you're my first spam and I think you are only semi-spam cause you obviously want some more business for your e-cards. Good luck, hey.

Tracey - yep, its the long-distance disappearing from the role of LDD and I am excited!! (We all are)

Strauss/Tracey/Jen - thanks for the well wishes. I am not sure I would take this job as more options are unfolding as I type!

jeanie said...

Ooops Dave - I apologise - I put the pop-up there all by myself by multi-tasking! So really sorry - I thought your blog looked good but then I saw the pop-up and got grumpy.