Thursday, November 22, 2007

For all of those who tire of my "I conquered the world" posts

You know, those days when I go so darned well on my list and I actually get down to blogging at the end; or those days when I get so darned inspired by my list I blog about it in anticipation?

Wasn't today.

Today started well - no sense of doom or foreboding.

Put on the washing - figure with the number of loads it should be finished by next week.

Started the washing up and made tea for me and coffee for V.

Did the breakfast/lunchbox/morning ritual with 'Salina and set her on the school bus.

Noticed I had not drunk very much of my tea, but decided to check my i-world before doing any more or had my own breakfast.

Hmm. Noticed my skin starting to get hot and cold and clammy. Noticed my vision blurring and a jackhammer politely tapping at behind my right ear.

Made a quick phone call where I was given some good and loving advice to get a lemon when I went to the shops, as lemon under the tongue will help offset the dreaded migraine.

Decided to hit the local shops as didn't know if I would be up to the 15 minute each way drive to the big(ger) smoke.

Local shops did have turkey - surprise I fleetingly thought about for my Californian-born darling. Smallest piece was 2.6kg - solid frozen - recommended 18 hours thawing time each kilo. Yeah, right. The fact that there was no price on any turkey articles sealed the deal - rule of thumb is if they aren't willing to tell you how much, they want a whole lot more...

Went to the butcher's for some steak. If my darling V could not have traditional Yank fare on this day of thanksgiving, then I could at least offer his favourite food.

Forgot to get a lemon.

Got home to find him already home, with pains from feet, knees and back. I advised him of my head so we slept together.

All day. And unfortunately that was all that we did.

Got up at 2, took more panadol, went back to bed.

'Salina got home at 3 - migraine had laughed heartily at the panadol offering and was now moving into other territory.

She had a bad day at school, as while she and another girl were making a surprise card for Girl2, was accused of talking about her and cold shouldered for the rest of the day, culminating in Girl1 and Girl2 kicking her seat on the bus all the way home, taking and tossing her hat and throwing around her bag while saying mean stuff.

Sigh. I wish I knew how to handle 8 year old girl politics.

She then did homework with V and then swam in Boy-Next-Door's pool, watched DVD with Boy-Next-Door and ate some pizza at Boy-Next-Door's house. I love having Boy-Next-Door next door! (oh, and his mum!)

The steak went in to the freezer. I had dry toast and V mentioned making a sandwich.

It has finally lifted enough for me to be here to fill you with such cheer...

And I am so very thankful.

Clothes still need to be pegged.


Julie Pippert said...

Migraines and mean girls...what a day.

Glad it has lifted. :)

Using My Words

Jen at Semantically driven said...

Oh dear, what a crap day then. Don't let that boy next door and his mum move out. Glad you're feeling better.

jeanie said...

I am so very glad too, Julia. The migraine has gone - not so sure about how to deal with the mean girls issues.

And yes, jen, I am planning on doing any form of intervention necessary to keep them around for our peace of mind.

Just-Me-Jen said...

Ouch - rough day. I hope today is better!

Tracey said...

Errggh. Only consolation is that if you hadn't had a migraine you would have ended up with one anyway over the 8 yr old girls palava.
Glad you came out the other end of the migraine.. and please tell me how the lemon under the tongue thing works. I have this crazy mental image of trying to put a whole lemon in your mouth!!

Melody said...

Bloody mean girls. I'm glad your girl can tell you about it - a lot wouldn't. Hopefully the mean girls aren't so mean next time...

What a terrible crappy day you all had. You can be thankful, if anything, that things can only get better.