Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Because any post in a blog

is better than no post at all, isn't it?

Still working my butt off - next on the BIG LIST is build a web site for uber-business.

To test myself on it, I played with my family's cattle website all day today. No, not going to link here, otherwise you might try to ring all my family members to find me. I prefer elusive as a tone in the blogworld.

Thats right. I played with html and css. All. Day.

Didn't even get my fix of Dr Phil. Actually, didn't get my fix of much as I tend to go for immersion when working in geekdom. So no lunch, no coffee, no leaving the frigging chair for a few hours.

Hnece I am cross-eyed and can't hold a conversation in human languages. A problem when a chatty 8 year old arrives home. I needed to access coffee (and a muesli bar) for that.

Have to right it before my mother comes to visit in a few hours half hour. Will try to do that by immersing myself in that few hours (eek) half hour of housework I have been threatening for weeks.

In other news. No - we haven't planned anything new for the wedding. No - we haven't got rid of lurgy, although it has moved from the sinuses (yay) to the chest (urgh).

Through doing some work for some friends, I have negotiated a "between visits to Granite Glen" horseriding opportunity for 'Salina. She is pleased with my efforts, and proudly sports a new helmet and riding boots (thanks to Grandpa Stjep's sending some money and some of the wages Pagi ruins enhances her economy with).

Tonight is taco night - yay!!

By the way - some time between now and Thursday I have to create an entertaining and insightful post for the blog that Aussie Bloggers Forum run - because they foolishly wisely have included me as part of their moderation team. Despite promises of hazing newbies, I haven't actually seen any moderating action. (because I am slow on the uptake, perhaps?)

Apparently you don't have to be an Aussie or even a Blogger to join, and there is heaps of blogging info over there - you should check it out! (But please don't test my hazing skills!)


Debby said...

Just don't become the Simon Cowel (probably spelled wrong, don't watch the show)of the blog world.

On a side note: NO COFFEE?!!!! Boy. I didn't know you were a masochist. *shudder*

Jen at Semantically driven said...

I too am very busy and I too have content to write for my blog and Aussie bloggers (although the latter is nearly done).

You gotta take a break to drink, even just to watch a bit of Dr Phil.

Alison said...

Hope you enjoyed taco night! Yay!

My turn to make you a cuppa and let you take the weight of - even if it's just for a moment.

Take care :)

jeanie said...

Debby - I would NEVER become Simon Cowell - possibly a bit Dicko-ish (the Aussie Idol version). I didn't mean to punish myself so.

Jen - at least yours is now there in draft...

Alison - thanks love.

MissyBoo said...

Wow you're definately superwoman going without coffee!!! :-)