Friday, July 18, 2008

Focus clearing slightly

Unfortunately as I not been working with my 20 point to-do lists of late, "Blog" (and by extension, check blogs) has failed to be listed and therefore "Blog" (and by extension, check blogs) hasn't been ticked.

Instead, I have had 5 BIG THINGS to do every day and man, have the 5 BIG THINGS been done!

Another problem with limiting myself to the 5 BIG THINGS was that I didn't get to list "Guard against lurgy", and it ticked me right off its list.

So I have been both businesswoman-extraordinaire and a bit blurghy. I would have preferred a bit bloggy.

Today was Friday. Yeah, no $#!+(expletive deleted as my mother among other nice ladies read here) Sherlock! But of course, I have to consciously remind myself of such facts this week.

This meant that my usual voluntary labour at tuckshop would have been both expected and appreciated. Even if I was as infectious as a yawn at an early church service.

V finally went back to work today, after being held in the throes of the same lurgy all week. 'Salina was slow to rise, and I was slow to ride her on getting ready, so she got to travel to school with me.

When we got to school, she discovered she had not only left her homework at home (a common occurance and one we don't want to continue as the teacher awards merits on remembering homework on Fridays) but her whole school bag.

One of the perks of your mum helping in tuckshop is that you get tuckshop generally on the day she does, as she can't be bothered doing your lunch before school. And one of the perks of having an indulgant mother is that she will go home to get the homework at some point during the day. I know - neither will ever learn!

Anyhow - where was I? Friday... school... Oh yes, tuckshop. The tuckshop convenor (hereafter known as Ms C) was very glad to see me, lurgy and all, as after the rest of the week being slow and her working alone, it was excessively busy - and she wasn't looking forward to working alone.

My strength in the art of the tuckshop is procedures. While some have called my style "bossy" (ahem) I prefer to refer to it as "time and motion". (I was taught by the master). Anyhow, Ms C was perfectly happy to let me push around the paperwork and play with orders and money and tell her what to do, how many to do, in what order and how while she did the foodwork. So she was REALLY grateful to see a warm body, hey?

I had to rush off after "little lunch" as my 5 BIG THINGS were still out there to do. Only I got home (for abovementioned homework) and found that Eddie still remembered one unwritten thing and was quite vocal about my failure to include it. Sigh - cats needing food will organise such demonstrations.

So, the rest of the day went (5 BIG THINGS in capitals)
  • Get urgent supplies for tuckshop at iga
  • Deliver supplies and homework to school
    (well, tried to and failed...)
  • Return library books
  • Organise boots to be mended
  • Small grocery shop
  • Bump into friends of parents
  • Collect mail
  • Collect voicemails and attend to small matters
  • Cycle to park for friend's son's birthday
  • BUY STICKERS FOR QUICK FIX FOR BUSINESS CARDS (didn't happen as stickers almost as expensive as just getting new cards so contemplating my alternatives)
  • Cycle back to park for friend's son's birthday
  • Admire cute baby, collected shells and starfish
  • Cycle home for jacket and car as wind is freezing
  • Drive back to park for friend's son's birthday
  • Network with a friend of the friend who may be able to be of mutual assistance (sheesh, talking business at a social event, how businesswoman-extraordinaire of me...)
  • Pour girl who has indulged in 2 hours running, playing, eating a little bit of junk food and ice-cream cake, sparkler action and a lolly from the party bag into the car. Shove in her bike also.
  • Stir girl to bathe, okay - have a banana - time for bed, time for bed, time for bed NOW, read, sing, time for bed, time for bed, time for bed NOW!!!
  • Collapse with coffee and glass of whine wine.
  • What the heck - BLOG!!!

Thank you so much for your comments - I know that the "ORGANISE WEDDING" has not been part of my 5 BIG THINGS strategy this week, but either it will make its way to the top some time soon, or I will be so busy with the 5 BIG THINGS and getting rich that I can afford to just subcontract it!!


Debby said...

Jees. I would have collected the shells and starfish for you. Always glad to help.

Jayne said...

Hope you grabbed a pie...or a salad roll at least from the tuckshop!

MissyBoo said...

Hope the lurgy is beginning to dissapate(?) and your feeling better (if not remember Sunday's to-do is pyjama day)! I can provide you with good reasons not to have a to-do list: a) looking at them scares me; b) they create procrastination... oops I'm starting a list.

Get Well Soon

Anonymous said...

You've been far more productive than I've been. It's raining today, so no garden work. Oh well, such a shame....

Crazed Nitwit said...

You gets lots more done than I did. That's it, I have a lurgy. Otherwise known as no interest to do anything.

Tracey said...

Pretty impressed with what you manage to achieve when you're crook.

We organised our wedding in 3 months (no, it wasn't shotgun!). Very glad I did - why spread the stress out over a year or more? It's perfectly doable in a short time.

jeanie said...

Tracey & bigLittleSister - phew, so it is able to be done in a short time - thank you.

Deb - you would have been very welcome to join.

Jayne - nah, didn't even feel like looking at the food.

M+B - just out of my jammies now as I have to take 'Salina to a party.

frogdancer - we keep hoping the rain will eventuate, giving us an out for the lawn that needs mowing.

Crazed Mom - you have plenty to do without creating lists, I know.