Thursday, July 17, 2008

The Invisible Jeanie

I know - me bad. I have hardly peeked in Blogworld since we returned from the wedding.

I will cite Flu, work promotions and planning another wedding.

Well, the first two are true, the third is just hurtling towards us with nary a thought going towards it. It will happen - and as I have told a few people the date there may be people here.

I have organised several bits, you will be pleased to know. For a start, I have a willing groom. We have set a date. We sort of think we know where we want it to happen.

Other than that, I am adopting my uni assignment approach - so if I am up at 3 am on the morning of, baking and sewing a dress I will actually be in my element. I mean, I got a degree using that method - how much harder is a marriage?

So apologies for my invisibility - if it helps, I have marked 380 posts as read and pretended you are all invisible also!!

By tomorrow I hope the first excuse passes as I am pretty much over it.

By next week I hope the second excuse has morphed into lots of new work heading my way (but in an orderly and lucrative manner).

And hey - by November 15th we will see how far the disorganised wedding has progressed!

Please feel free to advise me of what I have missed and any "oh my goodness, I did a post you have to read" links that I should take some time out on.

Just a reminder if you need to know how to link - type (without spaces)
< a href = " the address " > what you want to show up < / a >

in the comments section.


BB said...

What the?? OK I'll try this little bit of Jeanie jazz:

&ltahref""&gtMy Fab Tater Cakes Recipe!&lta&gt

Be a blinkin' miracle if that works first go!! Pressing Publish....NOW!

BB said...

See... am I not sposed to take ALL the spaces out?? HELP!
Jeanie's hopeless sister.

jeanie said...

Ah - I did say "type" not "copy and paste"

You meant My Fab Tater Cakes Recipe! didn't you?

BB said...

You are a terrible show off... cut and paste or type: what's the difference?? Did you take out all the spaces... ???

*goes off grumbling about smart alec sisters*

Unknown said...

Welcome Back :)

It sounds like your study habits and wedding planning skills are very, very similar to mine... scarily so!!
I just live in hope that it will all come together on the day.

Melissa said...

Well, as long as you have the willing groom, you should be ok. The rest is just gravy.

Debby said...

I was thinking 'You know she probably put that linking information in there because she knows ME. BB, you really make me feel much better about myself. Thanks.

Jayne said...

Good to see you're still with us!
Thought the fleas had made off with you :P

Anonymous said...

Definitely missed.
Hope you feel better soon.

Mary O. Paddock said...

Glad you're back!

One word: ELOPE!

Unless you're one of those who really enjoys all the foaming frills and thrills of planning a wedding. In which case more power to you and post pictures!

jeanie said...

All I can say in response to my big sister accusing me of showing off is "have you seen my photos"?

Tamsyn - from your lips (okay, keyboard) to the big man's ears.

melissa - I can't understand anyone wanting a different scenario to that involving a willing groom.

debby - you are one of my best students - I have no idea what you are talking about.

Jayne - fleas, no - headlice, nearly - air-transmitted germs, gotcha!

tiff - thanks. :)

mary - it has been contemplated but I don't think I would EVER be forgiven by too many that we would have to assume other identities and go undercover. I just like whining!

Melody said...

Oh a wedding - congratulations! As you know, we organised our wedding in under 4 weeks and we had a fab time without all the hassle. Keep it how you want it!! Good luck with it all and I'm sure, being who you are, it will all go how you wish!

Jen at Semantically driven said...

Ditto from me regarding invisible. As for the wedding - if you can organise the other tuckshop lady then you can organise your wedding with your eyes closed. You'll get there.