Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Science Experiments

Today was a series of science experiments.

I have undertaken an experiment as to whether letting people know my business exists will improve the potential return and reward of more work.

I have seeded a few petri dishes in town, and even created one rather basic web page.

If you want to be part of these tests and assist in quality control let me know. Constructive feedback is appreciated from friends - or not? Maybe that will be an experiment within the experiment.

While mowing the lawn, I proved (or rather, it was proved to me) that mosquitoes can live and breed despite winter conditions. Debby - wanna come check?

I proved that clothes can be dried on the clothesline. I then went on to prove that if they are left on the line long enough, they will dampen with the evening.

I have an experiment under way to see how long one half of a lawn can remain unmowed if the first half looks neat. No doubt I will keep you updated on the outcome of that (as it is one of the most exciting aspects of my life).

'Salina proved that her mood can be as sunny as the backyard if she gets to play among the mosquitos and magpies weeds and frangipanni branches.

'Salina proved that her mood could be quite stormy if asked (again) to pick up after herself.

'Salina proved that violin practice can be painful for all involved if she is in a funk.

V proved that he could maintain silence in the face of such a tornado of passion.

'Salina proved she was up to the challenge of a different menu - mostly.

I proved tuna-cakes were not as gross as mornay. She proved that steamed spinach was disgusting. We all proved that tuna-cakes, alfredo pasta'n'sauce and steamed spinach combination mouthfuls were an improvement on the separate pieces (especially the spinach bit).

'Salina is proving - and improving - her artwork blossoms when she has a happy attitude, a full stomach and 10 minutes before bedtime.


Debby said...

A scientist named Murphy discovered some of this already. He concocted a 'law' based on his discoveries. Murphy's law has never been disproven in my house.

Alison said...

Your science experiments make me laugh!
I'll be holding my breath for the lawn results.
Would love to help test your business theory (Really being honest this time).

Anonymous said...

Heheh. I like your science experiments, I have a few I could add,especially ones involving growing peniccilin in a boys room....

Life. Complicated. said...

aw, Jeanie - in the world of childhood why on earth would you think the control should be a happy child doing that they are told! LOL!

I am glad that V is learning or has learned to put on the ear plugs when around teenage drama.

And on the business theory, if you need help from across the sea, let me know!

Melissa said...

I have duplicated those violin results recently in my own home. Not fun. ;( Many of those others have been done with similar results.

Except what is Mornay?

MissyBoo said...

Hahaha - I am looking forward to reading reports on your experiments outcomes!!!

Happy to be part of the quality control for your web page...

Jayne said...

Love your experiments ;)

jeanie said...

Yep, I just didn't want to invoke the M name in case he decided to do any more science around here, Deb.

Alison - please don't. I would hate to have the additional variables of your breath control in the experiment. Thanks for the feedback on the site!

Rhubarbwhine - the joys of observing OTHER PEOPLE'S sons, that one.

life.complicated - no, no, no, no, no! This is pre-pre-pre-teen behaviour. We are looking at laboritories for any further studies! Can you email me on jeanieinparadise at yahoo dot com and I would love your feedback - thanks!

Melissa - mornay is a baked dish with tuna, onion, white sauce, lemon juice, parsley and breadcrumbs - one of my mother's classic dishes.

m+b - can you also email me at jeanieinparadise at yahoo dot com please? I am on a new computer and don't have your address from last time.

jayne - thanks!

Maude Lynn said...

Just wanted to let you know that the results of your clothesline experiment have been replicated at my house many times!

Crazed Nitwit said...

You had me at Petri dish. LOL. It cannot be too cold if your grass keeps growing.

The mornay and the spinach sound awful. I can't do cooked spinach, too slimey. My 17yo blew off salmon and shrimp kabobs because of a snit last night. Idjit.

Anonymous said...

Your experiments made me laugh.

Brissiemum2 said...

Omg, Salina and my daughter sound like twins! In fact, apart from also hating most of what I cook, she is also practising the violin! In fact, I have heard the learner's version of Twinkle Twinkle and Jingle Bells every night for the past week in preparation for some mini competition this weekend! And it ain't sounding much better! (Ooops, did I say that!)

Btw, have nommed you for a blog award. Visit my site for more details!