Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Its a Small World

When you add in the internet, isn't it?

I am a member of the Aussie Bloggers Forum - a really helpful and wonderful group of bloggers from all over the shop, not just Oz - and there was a topic today referencing an article in the Sydney Morning Herald.

One of the bloggers mentioned there has a blog called "Life in Chippendale". As, in the early 90s I had a life in Chippendale, I thought I would check it out (as you do).

Can you imagine how blown away I was that one of the posts was a picture of a house I lived in?

Here is the house - imagine it green with a red door and two very funky chicks living within.

The flowerbox used to be square concrete painted red to match the door. Oh - and the door to the courtyard just going out of shot to the right? Broken glass as a burgler deterrent, because that is the sort of neighbourhood it once was!!

Across the road was a recording studio - great, you might think, if you weren't thinking how to stop those students practicing tuba on a Sunday afternoon.

A block away was a brewery - actually quite a lovely smell on the right day, a little offputting with the wrong wind.

The back yard was a haven of privacy - well, except for the factory workers on high behind, but we never saw them so assumed they could not see us. Right at the back was the outhouse, although it did have modern plumbing.

I shared with a beautiful friend in this house for nearly a year, and really loved my time there (well, except when someone stole our rent that time). Both my friend and I loved cooking, sewing and creating. We had no television but a wonderful record collection. The two bedrooms upstairs had japanese screens, and there was a wooden deck overlooking the back yard.

Anyone else had a moment of the circle of life being connected by blogging?


Crazed Nitwit said...

Um not today. What an interesting place to live. My best roommate ever has been hubby. ;)

Alison said...

Oh kewl!
I can't say I've had any small world blogging experiences of my own - but I do love hearing about them :)

Anonymous said...

That is SOME coincidence. I've never had anything like that happen.

Jayne said...

Yes, I once found I had been chatting online, for over 12 months, to one of The Spouse's long lost 2nd cousins lol.
Scared me off the net for about 2 days :P

♥.Trish.♥ Drumboys said...

very interesting stuff Jeanie.
I haven't found anything like this on the net !
It looks funny now white with zebra stripes

Anonymous said...

This is amazing and no I have never had an experience like that. A weird experience that I did have was I follow a craft person in New Zealand and one day I recognised her grandchildren in Belgium, I was following her daughter's blog without realising they were related.

Debby said...

Once I sent an e-mail to a friend, who forwarded it. I use both my first and last name in my e-mail address, and an elderly woman thought she recognized my name. Since I'm a bit of a blabby ass (you may not have noticed), I e-mailed back, and she, being lonely, e-mailed me, and after a year of nearly daily e-mails, she mentioned church. I thought that it sounded like a right friendly church she went to, so I told her so, and asked her what church she went to. Turned out she was a 92 year old lady from my own church. *Blush* But it's small potatoes compared to going online, and seeing a blog entry about a previous residence...

Melody said...

Wow, that is freaky. FREAKY.

Only recently I left a comment on a fellow bloggers post about the area I grew up in. Then I receive a comment on my blog from someone who had seen my comment on that blog to discover she used to live in the next big town down the road....that was freaky. She's now a certified blog friend.