Friday, July 11, 2008

Tales of Lice, Fleas, Fuel and Love

Today, I have to pack the car to head on a flying visit to the Big Smoke.

What a cruisy day, yeah?

Lately, V has been working hard up North. He does work very hard but has a - um, how do we coin this? Disorganised boss - so he has been working hard for a few days longer than we expected him to be away. We hope he is back in time to have a shower before we pour him in the car for the next long drive.

Keeping the home fires burning, 'Salina and I have done our best to get organised for the weekend ahead.

However, what was to be cruisy day got a little crunched by the first tale.

Backtrack a few days, 'Salina had a lovely playdate with a girlfriend who was having a birthday. She came home and I caught her scratching her scone.

Like the overanxious mother that I am, I casually did a visual check of her head but found no culprit. However, like the smart but myopic mother I am, I immediately booked us both for trims.

At the hairdressers yesterday, I explained to the hairdresser my fears. Quelle horreur (and if you are French, apologies for the strangulation).

She confirmed what my eyesight failed to do - adult headlice - but we were lucky, as the little beggars had not been around long enough to start procreating in earnest.

I was clear (thank goodness - my hair is very long and I have trouble seeing the back of my head) so I got a trim and we got the wedding present, some heavy duty blitz for the lice and a hair colour for me.

Therefore, this morning I had to start my home colour an hour earlier than anticipated as we had to go back to the hairdresser for 'Salina.

I was awoken two hours earlier than that even by the second tale.

'Salina was not the only one to annoy me with scratching inadvertently - it has been at the back of my mind that Eddie's collar may be a little lax in the flea department of late, and that I must do something about it.

Unfortunately the back of my mind doesn't get anything done, and at 4 he was having a battle royal with the pesky beggars right beside me. Eek!!

And double eek, as we are going away for the weekend and for his safety and our peace of mind, he is booked to stay at the Garfield Pet Motel - who sort of only appreciate paying guests. Today, we visited our vet for some amazing stuff that will make the fleas jump off him within five minutes and some other amazing stuff that will give him a flea free zone.

Now, the joy of giving a cat a tablet is up there with giving a young child a tablet - although there are laws against holding the child's mouth shut quite the way you do a cat. Even so, it took 4 good goes to get the first wonder drug down and 'Salina got to be the bad guy holding him down for the other stuff - that way he should hate us both when we round him up for the cat box to take him to the motel this afternoon!

However - a few hours after the ingestion he LOVES us. No scratching and sticking by us like glue! The ports being packed may have clued him in to show us some love in case we take pity and leave him here to his own devices. Ha!*

So - spent over $90 on fuel for the trip (and that was with a voucher) and should only need to refill once - I hope the bride and groom accept the cheap-ass present for what we appreciate and valued as that + $180 on fuel and the clothes we will need to buy because it seems that good jeans just won't cut it, and V is out of options after good jeans! I wouldn't mind something decent to wear also, so I have the joy of clothes shopping with my darling tomorrow morning - one of those "you should do before agreeing to marriage" trials, no doubt.

By the time I get back, S & R will be entwined and I wish them love for evermore.

Well, that and a return trip for them in a few months when I finally get myself organised - although they will be able to wear jeans to ours.

* He used to get that pleasure when the other model Jeanie - our 80 year old neighbour - was near to feed him. Oh, and she would clean the house to keep out of her husband's hair for us also. Unfortunately she is in England at present, and we miss her greatly!!!


Crazed Nitwit said...

Have a terrific time at the wedding! Ewwwwwwwwwwwww at lice. Been quite lucky there. I'd love to get away from home for a day or two. HUGS!

Melody said...

Weddings can be an expensive exercise for guests, this I know as I've had first hand experience...

Enjoy the wedding anyhow...

Jayne said...

That wedding is going to be the best entertainment after nits, fleas and the fuel bill!

Debby said...

Oh. According to 'Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day', some days are like that. Even in Australia. The book was right.

Only once did we have the lice thing. My oldest. She had waist length long wavey hair. She got a Princess Di cut. An older girl on the bus loved her hair and loved to brush it on the ride to school. Brianna did not carry a brush. "I told you to NEVER use someone else's hair brush!" said I. And Brianna said, "But, Mom. I didn't. She did."

Anonymous said...

Hope you have a great time at the wedding and return to a flea free and lice free home.

Melissa said...

EEEEEW lice. Our school has a problem with them since we are in a wilderness area and you just can't keep little boys out of it. But we've been lucky so far.

And yeah. Nothing tops giving medicine to your cat. Except maybe clipping a three year old's toenails...

MissyBoo said...

Enjoy the wedding! At least the lice and fleas were dealth with first! Any consolation, the wedding your attending is cheaper than the one we're attending. The airfares were $3000, we still need clothes, car hire and possibly a hotel room en route!!! Have a great weekend :-)

Anonymous said...

I hate head lice. Touch wood we have been free for almost a year.

Life. Complicated. said...

Have a great time at the wedding! As for the cat and his pills, stick them in a treat or liver or something he loves, he will take it every time. Well, unless he is weird ya know like some cats can be. Hope V finds something great to wear!

jeanie said...

Thanks everyone for the comments.

We are back and not scratching - although our bank balance is quite irritated.