Friday, August 29, 2008

About that dress...

To quote my own comments section:

Alison said...

...Now what about the dress?

Which was in response to:

Bush Babe (of Granite Glen) saying...

...Did you want to mention anything about the Dress here??


Now for those of you not fully in the know, BB is my sister, and we come from a family that don't mind a bit of a wind up - or rather, don't mind being the winder uperers...

That little statement actually means "ha ha ha ha ha" and I would be completely understanding - if I was on her side of the laughter.

  1. I am not really scared of the whole dress thing because I am not the girl who is going to frou.

  2. Its just looks like I am scared because, in the name of all things holy, although I joke about the whole tie-dyed hessian sack thing to all and sundry, I am not really going to do that because
    1. have you ever held hessian sack to your skin - so not comfortable,
    2. I am not sure where I could source hessian sack anyway - all the good feed companies seem to have gone synthetic, and
    3. I don't really know how to tie dye.
    'Salina does (based on her child-care experiences) but I have seen her room and am not sure of the amount of care and attention she would put into the task.

  3. So you do understand, don't you, that the whole frocking up thing doesn't terrify me and send me into a screaming mess when the "what to wear" question arises.

  4. Good. We've got that straight then.

  5. I have no idea at all. There have been several dreams, held both by myself and the aforementioned sibling, and even a few hours dedicated to the task regarding the concept of dress, but as to the actually styled cloth I will be swathing myself on the day, there has been no firm resolution.

So I said to Alison:

Alison - my sister was being a bit of a furphette*

Because my sister obviously knows far more than I do about this bloddy dress.

* Completely made up word as I couldn't work the grammatomically** correct combination of words to explain the dress thing was the furphy...

** Another completely made up word - but it works, doesn't it?


Debby said...

Sisters can be such pissers, can't they?

PS. Pissers is not a made up word.


Anonymous said...

I absoultely LOVE "grammatomically"!!!! What an awesome word! I.e., grammaticly explosive, or broken down amatomically into its smaller grammatical pieces. Heck. I don't know! I just like the dadblamed thing.

(I think "dadblamed" is not a word either, even if lots of folks have used it for generations.)

BB said...

Ha. Heh. Hahahaha. hmmmm.

I'm thinking that it's awfully convenient to have a sister to blame everything on!! YOU don't like shopping for dresses, OR organising weddings, I try and assist and I get the crossfire!!! Dear me. I think I shall just go slink away (like any "pisser" would!) and lick my wounds... it's all red herrings folks. Keep walking. Nothing to see here.

signed with a *dejected sigh*
The Furfette
PS I hope you all know we are both joking. Just in case our sense of humour misses the mark with y'all!

PPS OK. I'll ask. What on earth is a "Pisser". Piss-taker??? I hope it's nothing to do with incontinence?? Heh.

jeanie said...

Oh no!!! Really great response to your comments was written - and then lost - on my own blog!

Deb - you know how some words in Aussie slang sort of don't really mean what they appear to mean? Well, "pisser" really means "one who pisses". Over here, you would instead "take the piss" and therefore be a "piss-taker".

Pencil Writer - please feel free to spread it around. And over here it is "doggarned" which was probably a spoonerism on a blaspheme at one point.

BB - hugs for your poor dejected sighs, my sweetie. And you have always been convenient for a lot of things, not just the being my fall gal. You are the best doggarned sister that I have, you know!

MissyBoo said...

Rather than step into a sisters quarrel as they are both likely to turn and gang up on you, I'll just comment there's a lovely dress in Vinnie's window round the corner (no I'm not joking)!

PS For the non-Aussie's Vinnie's is a charity op-shop

Jayne said...

"That's a real pisser" is a phrase meaning something good/funny, Jeanie. Well, in Melb anyway lol.
Got my big, very green wedding dress from The Smith Family for $12. Formal gown, doubled as my wedding gown and was tres comfy ;)

Anonymous said...

yep it does. pefectly.

Debby said...

Oh, in my neck of the woods, a 'pisser' is someone who can get things stirred up. A catalyst. Sorry. Sometimes I forget you don't speak American. Don't go slinking off dejected, BB. Jeanie may need continued goading!

Alison said...

Not sure why exactly, but I find this whole post (and the accompanying saga and comments) absolutely hilarious!!

I wanted tie dye for my wedding dress also, but we thought it may be a little too hippie. Instead I wore hippie wild flowers in my hair and a gold dress (made it myself) because I couldn't do the whole virginal white thing. Lucky I went with the gold, too, as the four legged guests ambushed me on my way down (up?) the isle and put lovely muddy paw prints all down the front. Blended in fine with gold - would not have done so well with white.

jeanie said...

I had another thought on the concept of "pisser" - there is another sort of pisser in this neck of the woods, but it means their intake of "piss" (alcohol) is excessive.

M&B - I have yet to see a lovely dress of any hue in the ops shops up here. :(

Jayne - you learn something new every day. I have never heard that phrase.

Thanks rhubarbwhine.

Well in that case Debby - our whole family can on occasion wear that hat. And no I don't!

The gold dress sounds great, Alison! One thing I can guarantee is that "white" is not a colour under consideration.

Aniqa said...

Jeanie you now that it will all be settled if you go with the floral chiffon that we've discussed for years. That way everything will go with it.

I'm so pleased that you finally have a venue.

BB don't stress - as long as it's all your fault it can't be mine ;-) I'm too far away now to cop any flack!

Brissiemum2 said...

What?? No frou??? No dolly on a toilet roll look??? Awwwww c'mon!!!! We want to see pix of that!!!! ;)

Debby said...

Dolly on a toilet roll look. Bwahahahaha! I really thought this was an American quirk from the 50s. They do this in other countries too?

Maude Lynn said...

I totally left the dress think to my sister. I really didn't give a frock!

jeanie said...

Aniqa - ah, but which floral chiffon... and anyway, I thought that was for the one NOT being the centre of attention? Darn, one of the only reason I am doing it is to see you in the floral...

Oh, BM2 - I just can't crochet that well!

Debby - unfortunately, yes, the meringue is still going well over here.

Mama Zen - I think an offer like that would make my sister look around for the attached wires.

Aniqa said...

Maybe we can crochet a tie dye dunny dolly in floral chiffon for you - a group contribution from all your blog friends. Or not...

You know that I have that floral chiffon collection is always there for you - ahh the perks of always being the bridesmaid. You only have to ask.

Perhaps we could all wear floral chiffon...