Thursday, August 21, 2008

Another Great Excuse Post

Yeah - uh hi, hello - haven't been around here lately, have I? Sorry - you may have noticed an absense of me in your own comments section too.

So here it is.

Once upon a time, a beautiful queen had a celebration for her anniversary of birth. Her children and their loved ones gathered around to honour her and shower her with dreams and gifts.

One daughter visited the centre of commerce and procured 'ovis arian' limbs with which to create a feast.

One daughter created a hearth of beauty and warmth and decorated gaily with flowers and garlands.

One son travelled from afar with tales of his endeavours at festivals in fierce competitions of men against wood.

They mingled together with their families and the evening was good.

Six children streamed around the house, delivering joy and screeches of delight to every corner to be echoed back to the elders.

Upon the morn, the equine lovers gathered at the yard and assisted (by shouting encouragement from their saddles) the men in their endeavours to make large bulls gleam.

Believe me? That is 25% of my excuse so far - then there is...
  • Working on a web page;

  • making great leaps forward on the wedding front;

  • sending my daughter off to an overnight camp for school;

  • contemplating a child-free night; and

  • meeting my mother for lunch.

If any, or all, of these excuses work for you, thank you. I am sorry. I will return soon.

If none do - my goodness, what does it take?

Anticipated date of return to the blogosphere proper?

Well - camp, mother, child-free night, tuck shop duty, do my own web site, softball sign-on, childminding duties - how does Sunday work for you?


Anonymous said...

Whew! I'm already tired just reaing your list. Your Mum's birthday bash sounded great--Alice did a nice piece on the Queen you both love. And well, for the rest of it . . . okay. Perhaps we'll give you a bye on blogging for a day or two. (Like I always post every single day!!! Nice to be in touch, however. Have a wonderful child-free night, tuck shop duty, etc. And let us know how the wedding plans are shaping up. ;-}

Jayne said...

Yeah, ok you get excused from class this time :P

Alison said...

Er, when is Sunday again? I got lost somewhere between working and camping.
Take care! Looking forward to seeing you when you return!

Jay said...

Real life is always a happy excuse. Happy birthday, and live it up!

Debby said...

A child free night? And you thought of your blog?!!! No, dear...nononononono.

I thought you were talking about your mum's birthday? You were, right? (you've got 5 siblings?)

Tracey said...

Never fear you're doing better than me. All I'm managing to do is read my fav blogs. Struggling to get the comments happening, and my own posting has fallen waaaaay by the wayside.
When do your (few) readers give up on you I wonder?

I think you get a leave pass from blogging with all the stuff that's happening round your neck of the woods!

Brissiemum2 said...

Well, at least you didn't say that the dog ate your homework! Rofl!

Sounds like your life is busy atm! Deep!!!! :)

Julie Pippert said...

Works for me. Also, I do not throw stones in glass houses like mine.

jeanie said...

Thanks folks - yes, that was Mum's birthday (and bushBabe did a great post about her - made me cry - but that is genetic) and there are only 3 of us - but 6 grandkids.

Running late for tuckshop now, but had to thank you all!