Saturday, August 02, 2008

Surrender is the best policy

Well, I am much haler and heartier than yesterday.

I rang the doc - and got a cancellation at 11.30am - my luck was running!

I rang the place where my major bills were due - I could do them online!!

I went to tuckshop and bossed the convenor around some!!!

I went to the doc and she told me that my method of getting through the dreaded lurgy (ignore it, positive thinking, looking in the medicine cabinet for inspiration and ignoring anything that tasted too yucky) was what she generally prescribed, and to just steal someone else's puffer if I gasped too much. Too bad she couldn't write a script for time, because that is what she ordered. Oh - nearly forgot exclamation points!!!!

I did work stuff, sent invoices and put 4 loads of washing through machine and dryer!!!! !

I palmed my child off on a friend and glammed up (and so did V) and we saw some beautiful work by Rhondda Scott at the local University campus. Oops - here they are !!!!!

While waiting to say our farewells there, met lots of interesting folk - including people who run a "child-free resort" and a lady who organises weddings - ha ha, maybe the universe sent me there for more than artistic pursuits!!!!!!

Got back to babysitters by 9, home by 9.30, child in bed by 10 - thinking about what to have for dinner and OMG we only have very limited hours before tomorrow... I know, rest is what you all said - so I did forgo a late main meal, and considered the 3 sushi and other nibblies at the show dinner.

Up at 6.30 and somehow it took until 9 to get a car packed, a child ready and us out the door to go see my sister.

In fact, you can go and see the rest of my day at her place. Actually, don't - apparently she is putting some unflattering photos up, and although I have made her trim my tuckshop arms she has not botoxed my hands enough and used a shot of my 80 year old grandmother instead of my unblemished face so don't go there. Go here and laugh at stupid people.


Pencil Writer said...

Glad you're back and running on all (mostly?) cylinders. SMILES!

Gotta love sisters!

Debby said...

Here's a customer story for you. The company that I worked for sold what my sisters and I refer to as 'granny panties', the high waisted old fashioned ones. They were very popular with our customers who tended to be older folks with a fondness for polyester. Anyhow, one night the phone rang, and it was a customer placing an order for several packages of the panties. At the end of the sale, she thanks me, and comments that these sorts of panties are hard to find, what with all the fancy undies on the market. Sensing that the conversation was about to take an uncomfortable detour, I politely said, "Well, I'm glad that we could help, preparing to disconnect. She bursts out, "I MEAN, have you seen those thongs?" Ack. I said, "Yes, ma'am..." but got no farther. She said, "I've spent 70 years pulling my underwear out of my crack and now they're trying to convince me that they're SUPPOSED to be there..."

I nearly died laughing.

Crazed Nitwit said...

Aren't doctors pointless some days? Glad you had some time out abd enjoy your time at your sisters!!!!

Tracey said...

A doctor I used to work for used to reckon with the common cold that if you take something for it, it'll last for a week, and if you do nothing, it'll last seven days.

Glad you are getting on top of your lurgy.. must be the country air and sibling bonhomie (sp?!!..) You two are very lucky to have such a great relationship. (Can you tell I'm just a little bit envious?!)

Debby, you cracked me up with that story.. you should post it on - which consumed a few hours of my sunday evening while I sat and laughed my way through at least 30 pages! Only another 70 or so to go!!!! - Jeanie, I'm blaming you for everything that doesn't get done around here this week!!

jeanie said...

pencil writer - good ones are blessings, aren't they?

Debby - that is funny!! My aunt used to give those things every gift opportunity!

crazed mom - I suppose she was right, but I would have loved her more if she had given me a magic instant cureall.

tracey - its addictive, isn't it? I limited myself to a page a break... There is another similar site for passive aggresive notes that I have had to be very stern with myself on!

Jayne said...

Glad to hear you're starting to feel human again :)
Oh by the way...REST woman! :P

Brissiemum2 said...

Hope you are feeling better now. I am taking your advice and surrendering to the dr shortly, too. And yep, am sucking on Ventolin at every opportunity!

Nothing worse than a lurgy!

Jay said...

I am so pleased that your use of !!! was so enthusiastic. That's positive thinking for sure.

MissyBoo said...

Glad your feeling much better. I hope Bush Babe didn't work you to hard!