Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Best Laid Plans

You may have heard rumours about me organising a wedding.

I was. Well, I still am, really. But I was organising what we dreamed of, and was just waiting for response from the venue of our dreams (speccy views, close to everything, absolutely perfect).

And waiting.

See, the venue is run by a volunteer organisation. One that is rather busy in Summer. One that, therefore, doesn't man their phones or computer or even venue during the Winter.

I tried calling the phone number. The phone number was permanently switched to fax.

I tried emailing them.

Yep - all on hold until we know whether its dream or scramble.

I waited patiently - and then rather impatiently. I tried to find another way of contacting them.

The local council - well, they were willing to google the number for me.

The umbrella organisation? They had the same scant details as I.

Finally I was terse and resent my email and even contemplated the archaic faxing route.

I got a call back from someone most apologetic. With a pinprick she burst our dream wedding.

The good news is it was booked out by them for their own fundraisers - so it would not have mattered if I had tried to organise this wedding in a timely fashion.

The bad news - is that Plan B must be devised - and very smartly. So tomorrow night we swank it up to investigate our alternative.

Our alternative that doesn't have speccy views (but it does have a pool).

Our alternative that isn't within walking distance of our perfect get-wed spot (but it does have onsite catering).

Our alternative that I hope will be perfect enough to get the darned invites out this week because people have already booked their flights and are planning their accomodation - which will no doubt be at the end of town that I dreamed of, not the end where it will be...

Tell me again - apart from the large family and many friends who would be really pissed off with me if I just eloped - and the fact that 'Salina has her heart set on it - why I am letting this whole organising thing get to me?

No stress - after all, still got 10 weeks (and a few days and hours) to go...


Anonymous said...

Why, indeed. Just cause you, like most folks want their (or their children's or friends) weddings to be perfect--and somehow close to how they've pictured it in their minds. Then, reality hits and you make admentments. And then, you find out, it's really okay. As long as you and your intended love each other and your family/friends are backing you, just have fun! Good food always is a plus, too.

My daughter's wedding (10 years ago) was such an ordeal. We catered her two (yes, two!!!) receptions. One in Utah and one here. Man I have never been more exhausted in my life! I think giving birth was easier. No. Cancel that. That particular child gave me back labor and insanely painful labor pains! Okay, so all four of them were painful. And yes; I'd do it all over again if I had to--if I were that young again . . .) Oh, yeah! Weddings--daughter's wedding reception--first was gorgeous! I did the wedding cake--carrot cake with cream cheese icing--which melted in the sun (outdoor reception.) But the fresh flowers that decorated it were gorgeous. And hey! We did survive it all. And we had lots of help from family! Thank goodness!

Best of luck on your plans (B plan, at least) will work to make your special day, really lovely and memorable! More than that. May your lives together be a great success ever after!

Alison said...

Urrgghh. Sorry the plans aren't being cooperative Jeanie! I'm sure your day will be spectacular, no matter where you are or what you eat - as long as V is part of your view you'll be fine!
I was lucky when I got married - my best friend is an events organiser so all I had to do was show up on the day lol.

Alison said...

(P.S - Tag! You're it for a protection of children meme)

Anonymous said...

CONGRATULATIONS to you Jeanie, S and man. That is wonderful news.
Wedding prep is stress, even when it is supposed to be "no stress." A major event in your life, having it the way you want to remember it is important. Never could understand why people then drank so much that they couldn't remember their expensive day.
I am very pleased for you woman.
All my love
Megan from Cairns XXXXX

Anonymous said...


Hope it all works out well.

I'd really wanted to have my wedding reception at the Seaworld Nara Resort in their beach front room.

What ended up happening was I got married in the club at the base of my parents apartment building - we had the reception in the bar area and the reception in their tiny dining room.

Best laid plans and all that.

♥.Trish.♥ Drumboys said...

A wedding date - wonderful news .Oh I am so excited for you Jeanie.'
I hope it all comes together

Anonymous said...

I did NOT know you were planning a wedding. You kept that well hidden! I LOVE weddings, I wish you well and hope it all falls perfectly into place for you - and try and remember, whatever does not happen, no matter how much you wished for it, was not meant to be.

MissyBoo said...

Thats a real buggar about the venue, Jeanie. I hope Plan B falls nicely into place and out does your visions, and makes you wonder why on earth you ever wanted Plan A?!?

Good Luck - if ever I meet Mr Right, I'm eloping!

mommamia said...

Everything will fall into place. All that really matters is that V and Salina are there. The rest is gravy.

Debby said...

Just have a wedding at Granite Glen! You'll have a decent bunch of relatives already there. Let BB tear her hair out. (What are sisters for?) Oh. And have her take tons of pictures for us out of towners. Not so much to ask, is it?

(Don't tell her I suggested it. She'll sic a goanna on me)

All joking aside, if planning a big do makes you frenzied, just make something small and intimate. The most important thing is that it is special for you and V. And 'Salina.

Jayne said...

Ick! Elope and then organise a party for everyone ;)

Anonymous said...

Oh dear Jeanie! Don't stress!! I'm sure it'll all come together. Or maybe you should do as Jayne suggests and elope, then have a big party???


Anonymous said...

I hope everything works out well and that you get as near perfect as you can.

A big party sounds good though, you know, if perfect falls through

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, I know what you mean. We originally began planning our wedding about this time last year for a late April wedding but seemed like it all got out of control. THe list was creeping up along with the costs and then it was taken out of my hands and I said STOP. (Lucky nothing had been booked or anything!)

We organised our wedding in 4 weeks. 12 guests all up, including ourselves. It has to be said that it was the best wedding ever. All that mattered was Lyndon and Monet. And done the way 'we' wanted it done.

You'll be right with your plans, it will fall into place. A wedding is always a good excuse to party....

Thanks for your words too BTW. Thanks.


If you have the people who are important to you near, some decent enough food and drink and you are wearing comfy shoes whatelse is necessary?

Ok so not everyone will think comfy shoes important but think about how long you will be on your feet and how you will be expected to smile and dance and ......

I hope we will get to see photos and I don't think the view is as important as the two of you.

Anonymous said...

It wouldn't be a 'proper' wedding if stuff didn't go all wrong!

Hope you get it sorted hon. :)

jeanie said...

Thank you all for your comments.

Pencil Writer - wow on holding 2 receptions for your daughter - my family are great, that is above and beyond!!

Alison - I have many friends who are great at organising - however (a) they are too far away, and (b) while I probably would be difficult to organise, V would be impossible. Thanks for the tag.

Megan - I am just looking forward to the "it being over" at the moment, but that is being over organising (or not).

leechbabe - thanks for putting it all into perspective for me!

baby amore - we had to set a date otherwise I would still be dithering.

Rhubarb Whine - lol no, nor did most of my impulses!

Sorry - M+B - I have already got him! Not really but the line was there to be used.

mommamia - thanks.

Debby - the only things holding me back from hoiking it all to Granite Glen is (a) my friends who have organised to fly to a wedding 2000 km away would never forgive me if I tacked a 200km drive on the end of it, and (b) my family would never forgive me for doing so (although it would save them all travel time!).

Jayne - see, the laziness in me is saving me having to arrange the elopement.

Kimbah - see above - and hi!

tiff - thanks - party is what is being aimed for rather than perfect anyway.

Melody - honestly, the reasn for the panic now is because I didn't start planning back when we set the date (6 weeks ago) or when we got engaged (16 months ago) - its called delayed panic.

Elizabeth - I am all for comfort being the dress code!

Bettina - thanks.