Thursday, August 07, 2008

Prelude to a Post

Correct answer gets to name the outcome.
Guess what this is:

Oh - was that too blurry? First to point that out gets to buy us a new camera.
Is this any better?

Or this?

The "what I do with it post" is yet to be finalised.

Or started really. I have contemplated and pondered it at length however.

Of course, if I don't get it finished straight away, I can always show you what my loved ones did with these...


haley said...

what are those

I'm Julie said...

OK - obviously a citrus fruit? Maybe giant lemons? Pale oranges? Grapefruit? Pomelos? Ugli fruit?

I think you should make a Shaker pie or a cocktail of some sort. Or a baked good.

And what are those other things? Looks like what we'd call here a winter squash of some sort. Which I would eat every single day if I could get away with it. Can't wait to see what you did with those things.

MissyBoo said...

I am thinking preserved lemons (oops no there is sugar)... lemon curd/butter???

Did your loved ones do pumpkin soup? Pumpkin scones? Pumpkin bread?

Life. Complicated. said...

Hey there - I think you need to enter this contest!

jeanie said...

Hey LC - I did - thats what Let them eat cake was all about!


Home grown?

jeanie said...

Haley - welcome - having a few problems with your blog to say g'day - but g'day - and that, indeed, is the question.

Well, I'm Julie - your scattergun technique is correct!!

It is indeed citrus, and one of those that you mentioned.

The last things are JAP pumpkins - the JAP stands for Just Another Pumpkin (so I suppose they are JAPs rather than the redundant JAP pumpkins).

M+B - as they are not lemons I am not curding - although I needed to get some lemons to help in the recipe that I am starting this afternoon. (I deleted the double post)

Elizabeth - the first things are - although not by me, and not exactly "home", but totally, totally, totally organic.

I have a few hours of prep work - hopefully we will all get a blog post (and some... other stuff) out of it!

Anonymous said...

well if they are not lemons you have me totally stumped.. but then that wouldn't be difficult! I hope those pumpkins are being carved into lanterns... just cause I've always wanted to do that even though we don't celebrate halloween! LOL

Jay said...

Well now you just know I can't wait to find out!!

Anonymous said...

I think you are making grapefruit marmalade - better send me the recipe hey because I just don't know what to do with my grape fruits.

As for the Japs....pumpkin soup is my favorite (ummm, or is it Pea and Ham that I love most - dunno, I LOVE both).

jeanie said...

Katef - definitely not lemons. Apparently there are special pumpkins for carving, so JAPs would be out as there would be bloodshed carving the beggars.
Jay - on the edge of your seat there, I see.
Megan - spot on! Sit back and we start the journey next post. I too love pumpkin soup, although V's fondness of it is tempered by the fact that he never had anything so ridiculous during his childhood.