Monday, September 15, 2008

Brick Widow

Its official - I am back to sole parenting Monday-Friday while my honey goes off to work at the salt mines up North for the next little while.

It seems that the local industry is about 20% lower pay rate than the rest of the world and the organisational capabilities of some contracters would make great sitcoms.

In other news - we didn't find another perfect site - so plan D is being formulated.

I am exhausted - started my day at 4am when the "to do" list in my head started knocking on my consciousness, asking me to remember.

After waving V off, 'Salina and I started our get fit campaign with a half-hour bike ride along the front.

I worked myself silly for most of the daylight hours - organise wedding work, paid work, P&C work, housework...

The wedding work means keeping the bones and rejigging the whole timing sequence. Email negotiations between Moscow (where the celebrant is touring) and here were far easier than discussions between the local council and here - but I am confident that Wednesday will see the fog lift and the invitation printing commencement. Two months to go today!

The paid work is fantastic, and hopefully the doors are opening and I can convert blind optimism into confidence.

The P&C work - okay, I am not so sleep-fogged that I can conjure a great deal of excitement for the job I just did for them, but we had a meeting tonight that actually had some forward movement hinted at there.

The housework - well, I had a friend call me at lunchtime today and I was able to multitask so it was a pleasant and fruitful phonecall, and my floors are much more pleasant and less fruitful (and dustful and crumbful) so we can go back to eating off the floor!

About to crash now - may not be around often this week with the few projects on the go, but will visit when I can.


MissyBoo said...

Oh no, poor you and 'Salina being on your own for the work week (and poor V of course)!

Don't work too hard on your projects though of course it will help to pass the time until V returns

Pencil Writer said...

Mannnnnnnn! What's up with the "perfect spot" for the wedding plans? There's GOT to be a perfect perfect spot somewhere in the vicinity that will be more perfect (perhaps because it's available?) and it's just a-waitin' fur ya t' discover it? I'm hoping that's the case. If you were in my neck of the woods (and believe me, we're in the woods around here) there are a few antebellam homes that would be great . . . of course, out weather is getting cooler now that yours is getting warmer.

Good luck on all fronts, Jeanie!