Sunday, September 14, 2008

Sunday, Sunday

Summer is starting to show its hand. Yes, I know theoretically it is only Spring, but really, the way the seasons work around here is:
  • January - hot
  • February - hot
  • March - hot - you might get surprised one or two nights if you are caught without a light cardigan
  • April - hot - there will be one week of cold snap, but you can't guarantee which one
  • May - getting cooler - there will be about 4 days of heatwave just when you are thinking mild
  • June - cold - although the days will get warm unless its rainy
  • July - cold. Of course, for those folks who equate "cold" with digging snow, this would be about spring weather for you.
  • August - windy.
  • September - cool but heating up - there will be about 22 days of heatwave just when you are thinking mild
  • October - hot
  • November - hot
  • December - hot

As a result, the sun and morning warmth will get you out of bed well before 7am. Also as a result, all those Summer clothes that were snug last year (comfortable for about 5 years before that, loose 2 years before that and new two years prior to that) are telling you that you have TWO options.

ONE - buy a whole new wardrobe!!!
TWO - get toned!!!

I am thinking seriously about option TWO - besides the obvious budget creativity that would be necessitated by option ONE, there is also the factor that while I could bury my head in the sand about my widening girth (or rather, into a mountain of food) and reswathe the load, I would feel a bit more confident about myself if I like what I show - rather than hate what I hide.

With these cathartic thoughts rolling around my brain, I was an enthusiastic endorser of the family proposal that we cycle early to check out sites, have a light picnic when we had found the next perfect spot to be wed, check to see if we had won lotto and come home refreshed.

What went wrong?
  1. there were no "perfect spots" except the original "perfect spot" darn it - so disappointed that some other bride found my secret location and was organised enough to book it before me.
  2. there were no moments to have that light picnic - coffee and fruit - in our contemplation of less than "perfect" spots
  3. we didn't win lotto from ANY of the tickets I had found in my cleaning of the house
  4. I hadn't had any coffee
  5. it is the weekend before Red Wednesday
  6. I learned many years ago about the "low blood sugar" concept - unfortunately, V only learned it today...

The GOOD news is we are really good at working through such little misfires, it is still a beautiful day, I have refuelled, caffinated and rehydrated, the garden got the brunt of my forceful pre-menstrual personality and there is steamed spinach galore for the freezer, the only cake I made and iced was banana (and I hate banana) and we are going for a swim and a checkout of the nearly good enough spot to see if I can come to terms with it.


Anonymous said...

Yep, that's pretty good weather report summary, and bring it on, I say. I also agree with the clothes summary.

MissyBoo said...

Ah yes you have just described the reason for the start of my diet! Apart from wanting to look fabulous on my holiday... The budget won't allow for any new work pants, and I'm only relatively comfortable in one pair now!

Debby said...

It is strange to think - you're moving into spring after your winter, and we are moving into our autumn. Our leaves have begun to change.

I think that the fact I hate to shop, and can never justify spending wads of money on a new wardrobe is my major motivation for weight control.

Jay said...

Wow, what a day.
I shall sit here and not be jealous about all the hot months that you have yet to come,and that we are quickly leaving behind.

Brissiemum2 said...

Yep...parallel lives! You are singing my song! I tried on a skirt this morning that I am sure was a fantastic fit last year....and the jolly thing didn't zip up! Arghhhh!

And yay to the warmer weather but omg....the hot sun blaring in my bedroom window at 6.30am is something that my winter brain had forgotten!

Woman in a Window said...

I am a simple Western-centric mind. Your seasons leave me reeling. So glad to learn more about your home and family though. Maybe I can force my brain to grow.

jeanie said...

rhubarbwhine - doesn't change that greatly up and down the coast - just the degrees.

m&b - oh yes, and the looking (more) fabulous factor.

Debby - I am a great thrift shopper from way back - just that I am now a great thrift shopper for others rather than me.

jay - I love hot months over cold months - chose the right climate to be born into.

bm2 - we are twins in so many ways!

womaninawindow - more Northern-centric, we think of ourselves as Western too!