Saturday, September 20, 2008

The Holidays...

When do I get one? That is right - another whinge folks. Sorry - I was up during the week at some point, but little things have popped my balloon.

Here is a picture if you don't want to read on - I understand.

We have been very good on the exercise every morning thing. Not going to this morning though, as we have softball and I need to meditate - after I write a few emails trying to sort some work things out.

On Thursday night, my mum arrived and so 'Salina got a small half hour extra staying up. Friday morning we went on a walk and then 'Salina was "sick".

She genuinely had a temperature (according to the very dodgy thermometer I have) and was very lethargic - and as she had been practicing hard for her performance all week and is the stellar student, I figured she must have been so let her chuck a sickie.

She had an amazing recovery by 10, so I took her in to school and cursed.

On Thursday, there was an overwhelming response to Pizza Day, and as I am the Tuck Shop Martyr, I was at school from 8 until 4 assisting.

It was also the open day at school, so there was one half hour where I got to sit and appreciate my daughter's (and 21 of her classmates) work.

I had to stamp down hard on my automatic responses (either genetic or learned behaviour - I love my father dearly, but he gave me more than brown eyes) of being critical of spelling, inattention to details, sloppy handwriting.

There were some beautiful bits, but I had to try hard to notice them as I had been woken twice the night before - once in a phone call and once in someone slipping in to my bed - and my batteries were almost all out.

I arrived home to find some emails about the work I had done during the week and high praise plus invoice matters and what more could I do.

I responded with my very limited availability in the next little bit (I am actually fully booked most of the holidays) and I could help on urgent items only for a few hours only yesterday.

I ended up nursing a child, working an hour, taking an unsick child to school, having an hour long phone call about that work, doing several hours work on it, sending a detailed email (another good half hour) about it, entertaining my mother, trying to extricate myself from a conversation with the neighbour, checking on responses to the email, saying good bye to my mother, sending the unsick child to her friend's down the road, checking on responses to the email, taking a new car for a drive to the shops with V, shopping, listening to V's assessment of the vehicle, checking on responses to the email, getting an unexpected visit from my father, hollering at my unsick child and her friend to get out of the drain, saying so long to my father, sending unsick child to the bath, checking on responses to the email, having a phone call about the work, explaining the work, sending through more information, having another phone call about the work, going to our reception venue for dinner and watching the footy with V. (Wasn't the Broncos - they are tonight).

Please don't try and understand that last paragraph - I am still trying to catch up on what the heck it was all about. And that was only half of it because I edited.

Anyway - am doing softball this morning, looking after cousins this evening, packing tomorrow, going west to my family and visiting for a week (where I will try and sort a few work things out), back for a weekend to spend quality time with my sweetheart, try to sort a few work things out, back to my family to collect my daughter and try to sort a few more work things out and back here for school and try to sort a few work things out.

I am so sorry I haven't been around, don't know when I will have a chance to be around but in the mean time see you then...

I will try to check in at some point over the next two weeks - but really, I just want to check out.


Anonymous said...

So you're a bit busy then ey? It's hard to concentrate on a blog when there's so many other priorities that really matter, like earning money and being there for loved ones.

Don't forget to stop and put your feet up every now and then.

Debby said...

Some days you're the windshield, some days you're the bug....

MissyBoo said...

It sounds like you're having a busy and stressful time at the moment. Hope you get some downtime out west, and things slow down a little. Hugs

Kari said...

I have no idea how you do it all. It is beyond my comprehension... or maybe not but your list of things you've done and have on your plate made me exhausted. Make sure you do a little taking care of you in between all of that.

BB said...

Jeanie needs to remember that in real life, she is totally appreciated by a great many people... not in the least of whom is a sister who thinks she is the bees-knees, or as a friend once colourfully put it: the ducks nuts!! Breathe, my love. Stress not over that which you cannot control. Come and let me cook for you (while you wrangle my cattle back into their correct virtual paddocks!). We might try and squeeze a bit more "down time" into the mix this time, eh?

Debby said...

Damn, BB. Will you be my sister too? Oh, but one thing. I would be no good at wrangling cattle back into their correct virtual paddocks. Or into their non-virtual paddocks for that matter. I'd be of absolutely no use at all actually, but am known to be hugely entertaining.

Woman in a Window said...

I don't blame you one bit. I'm rather surprised your plate was smiling. It looks a little dishevelled but rather relaxed.

Brissiemum2 said...

Wow! Busy, busy, busy! Enjoy your trip. Btw....parallel lives again....I did tuckshop last Thursday, too! Only we had sushi day (thank God for sushi preparation!) and I served massively big boys who were taller than me and called me 'Miss'! Lol! Always makes me giggle!!!

Crazed Nitwit said...


jeanie said...

Jen - sleep? That must have been what I was missing!

Debby - great analogy.

M+B - thanks, its amazing what can stress us out.

Kari - I think the taking care of me priority slipped down the ranks.

BB - thanks honey.

Deb - you are honorary family anyhow.

womaninawindow - let you in on a secret - that plate was smiling well before this post was written.

BrissieMum2 - I wish for sushi day - used to have them when I was in Brisbane, but these days flat out convincing local adults to indulge.

Crazed Mom - thanks, thanks, THANKS!!!