Thursday, September 18, 2008

How about them Broncos

As you may (or may not) know, in our home we do, on the occasional weekend evening (or afternoon) (during the months March - September) happen to partake in a tradition of yelling at the referee barracking for various football teams.

For most games, we have a hierarchy of who we are most likely to barrack for based on who we dislike the least - but there is one team we give our might to every week - and that team (scraped) through to the final rounds.


They even won the first (elimination) round of the finals.

Double hooray.

Then they went drinking. Then they drank more. And more. And more. Then they chased a little skirt.

Then the cops chased them.

And then they cried it wasn't fair and they were targets.


You know what?

I am not yelling at the ref over this one - I am yelling at my boys "you stupid morons!" Okay, the language I use is stronger than this.

I am not thinking they are just a'holes for the fact that they thought that it somehow good form to do with the girl who "consented" to whatever it is that three footballers and a girl do in a toilet cubicle.

It is not just that they are such oafs to consider that such a "consensual" act would be undertaken by someone who would be so overawed by their sports star glow that they would not either
  • (a) be the sort of girl who may sell their story;
  • (b) be the sort of girl who was who may or may not be planted by high roller gamblers who have much to gain by bringing down a footy team;
  • (c) be the sort of girl who may get all remorseful from whatever it is that three footballers and a girl do in a toilet cubicle or even
  • (d) that maybe what they see as a "yes" through their beer goggles and testosterone pumped senses may actually be a "really, you are some very wierd guys and I want to show you my rash"

And really, it is not that they are hugely paid sports stars who are held up as icons to teenage boys (and girls and younger) who should be acting like semi-decent human beings.

It is just because someone, somewhere in their life should have taught them what is right and what is wrong.

And quite frankly, three footballers drunk entering a toilet cubicle with one girl - its just not right. Not even if a gilded invitation has been issued with RSVP's.

I hate to be a wowser - but for goodness sake, grow up.

And if you cannot - during the finals, boys, keep it in your pants, contemplate a little tee-total or possibly a padded room to get pissed in.

I would love for the Broncos to give Bennett the shield for one last time - but whether they do or whether they don't, the taste of yelling for them has become tainted.


Debby said...

Surely, Jeanie, you are NOT suggesting that sports heros behave themselves?!!!!

Maude Lynn said...

Oh, the stupidity!

Woman in a Window said...

I haven't heard this one yet. It makes me think back to what I teach my kids. Treat others the way you want to be treated. Do you think any one of those boys would want to be taken into a toilet with three hockey players? I bettcha not!

Anonymous said...

I agree - grow up, boys. Great role modeeling. Not.