Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Sunrise, surfers, stacks and the sweet success of a ticked off list...

As well as the heat of the September mornings and the brightening of the morning sky, I have an additional alarm clock...

Oh yes, very coy and cute in the afternoon - but don't believe him. You cannot sleep IN when Eddie wants OUT! How long does it take to teach a cat "not before sunrise" anyhow? Currently set for 5am.

But there are bonuses to rising so early - another bike ride along the front - when we arrived at the beach at 6, it was empty - but by 6.10...

It is peak hour on the (barely perceptible) waves.

Unfortunately there is nothing in the fine print about age being a barrier to falling OFF the bike.

The worst bit about doing so, of course, is as an adult you know its going to happen for that 10 minute period between losing balance (so totally due to the sand at the side of the cement path) and hitting the cement when you to contemplate just how darned hard you are going to hit and how much hide you are going to lose.

'Salina was an adorable nurse, offering her wad of tissues as bandages and wanting to see gushing blood. Unfortunately it was the worst kind of knee scrape - the sort that offer no gushes of blood so you can't really impress either your child but still hurts like bujere*.

I recovered and we did the whole beach to beach ride this morning, got a few grown up tasks done (mail and newspapers) and even had time for a coffee at the very smart cafe that was open at 6.30am.

Th very smart cafe hurt more than the knee, though - a cup of coffee for me and a toasted tomato and cheese for 'Salina came in at $10 - OUCH!!!

the sweet success of a ticked off list
Guess what I am doing after I sign off here, sing 'Salina to sleep and say nigh-nigh to my long-distance sweetie?

I am doing up the invitiations because finally the bit of Plan K we liked gelled with all other components and we have another box ticked. Less than 2 months to go!


Alison said...

Woohoo!! K is for Kewl, you know! Great news about the wedding express.
Sorry about your stack. I know how much those tame looking scrapes hurt though - So I will be suitably impressed, even with the lack of blood.

Woman in a Window said...

Looks like it was a beautiful morning despite the spill and the highway robbery. That is one happy girl!

Anonymous said...

Ouch! Hate falling off a bicycle...don't have the same balance I once had. Hmmmmm. But I have hills here to climb and gears a-plenty which I had no access to in my youth. Hope you heal quickly.

'Salina's "glam shot" is fabulous! Hollywood, look out!

Anonymous said...

Pity about the stack, but at least Salina helped you and didn't laugh. Good to hear about the wedding coming together too. I knew it would.

Jayne said...

Yay for the good news and ouch for the tumble.

Debby said...

I love the way Salina is eating her very expensive sandwich with her pinky extended. Very dainty!

jeanie said...

lol Alison - K was randomly generated, obviously I was thinking great things!

womaninawindow - it was a truly beautiful morning - most of them are!

pencil writer - yep, that head shot is being held for agencies right now!

jen - 'Salina has aspirations to being a great nurse and doesn't know that whole "laugh at you hurting" concept - she sees it as opportunity.

Jayne - I am very empathetic on your woes too!

Debby - oh, we are all about pinkies extended here!

♥.Trish.♥ Drumboys said...

sorry about the mishap on the bike and yikes on the bill for coffee and sandwich.
I love to write lists and tick things off too.
Add eat chocolate to the top of every list and you can cross it off every day with satisfaction !

Crazed Nitwit said...

Next time we want more blood! Haha. I fell down when we were at the ocean and I just was scaped and bruised so I know how much that hurts. Love the orchids.

Debby said...

Oh, there was one thing I meant to address, but forgot in the dainty pinky thing (oh, I have been remiss in my parenting!)

Training Eddie? No. Oh, no. Cats are trainers, not trainees. Eddie's talking to his friends saying "How long do you think it takes to properly train a human anyways?"

Anonymous said...

As for Eddie, if you find a way to train that out of him, I definitely want to know! My five alarm cats are set at 4:00 a.m.! Sorry about that slow motion spill. I hate when that happens. But, it sounds like your day wasn't all bad...

jeanie said...

baby amore - I am a major list ticker - checkbox sort of girl!

crazed mum - they are Ixia and the first to bloom of a whole row of bulbs along the western side of my house.

Debby - well, he's not very good because I still won't let him out before the sun gets up.

Shelly - the day went wonderfully, all in all - most of them do.