Monday, October 27, 2008

Don't you don't like it

The title comes from my darling daughter, who when she was younger took very seriously the "we don't say hate" lesson.

So don't you don't like it when you had a week last week on the blog about being tight on time, tight on money, loved ones medical mishaps and lighthearted dramatics of the child - and really, you have nothing further to add this week?

V thinks he might try to go back to work tomorrow. He said he would work until his back killed him. I asked if he could possibly only work until 1/4 to his back killing him.

I would tie him down and ban him from going, except that (a) as holder of the purse-strings, I know the nuances of that, and (b) I get more work done when he isn't here.

Not that he intrudes on my working - its just that sometimes my work requires me to zone right into the machine and its hard to hone your zone when your used to honing alone.

I am going to miss my lunch being made for me, though.

So yet again, this little duck isn't making the rounds of blogland for a bit. Profuse apologies.

On the upside, I did some really fantastic to-do lists on the weekend and they got done and dusted (with accompanying sneezes from 'Salina).

Less than 3 weeks to go until the wedding. Gave myself palpitations on the weekend when I was doing my money massage and suddenly the money set aside for various fripperies like clothes for V, shoes for me, a hair colour, the possibility of flowers and "folding money" for the days before, during and after vanished from my equations. Not a pleasant feeling - more an "oh goodness, where did I hide that G?"

Luckily I found it this morning. Phew.

With my time budgeting, the week before the wedding is slated for those little fripperies to be finalised...

Anyhow - how you all doing?


MissyBoo said...

Oh how exciting... not long to go before the wedding express knocks down your door!

Hope you get a little bit of R&R before then

Pencil Writer said...

Life just keeps on coming, no? Prayers for you wonderful nuptials, the before and afters, and funds to fund the fun.

Mary O. Paddock said...

So hopefully there will be a honeymoon after all of this? A brief break in the action, hopefully?

Debby said...

At least action of a different sort, Mary.

Jeanie, will we see pictures?

BB said...

Did you say that in Joey's voice (Friends)?? Are you trying to get fresh??

I'm doin' good - except my sister won't let me help her more with her wedding. But here is not the time or place for that!!

And Deb... um. What kind of blog do you think jeanie runs here?? Photos of the honeymoon action?? Gads!


Maude Lynn said...

Oh, there MUST be pictures!

Melody said...

Oooo are we going to see some wedding snaps???

Amazing how quickly things creep up on us isn't it?

Anonymous said...

3 weeks, that's going past FAST. (And what's a money massage, will it work for me?)

megz_mum said...

working-until-back-kills does not sound like a good plan at all! But what can you do. Hopefully the time off for the wedding might set it right!

Debby said...


NO!!!!! NOT THE HONEYMOON!!!!!!!!!!
ACK! No! I've been bugging the photo-shy Jeanie about posting a wedding picture or two. This was a continuation of those e-mails.


*gasping in horror, she covers her eyes in total abject humiliation.*

First, goanna lust. Now this. I've got to quit trying to leave clever comments.

jeanie said...

Hey folks - back is nearly better - now its just the economic trickle down that is crippling.

A money massage is when you take figures out of thin air and try to make them fit.

So, someone wants a photo, or do you just want to continue discussing it amongst yourselves?

Jayne said...

My parents outlawed the "H" word when I was little and it still grates on my ears when my nearly-21 yr old says it ( to irk me).
Don't you don't like it when kids push buttons? lol

Debby said...

Jeanie for pity's sake, making it crystal clear...we are respectful of your photo shy self, but we want to see wedding pictures. Just a couple, maybe. Who else is with me here? Feel free to chime in any time.


It can be from a distance, but not a so far away a shot that we can't tell that there is a bride and a groom in the picture.

Truly one won't hurt.

I was dreaming about a wedding last night and it was lovely. Perhaps it was yours? *grin*