Tuesday, October 07, 2008

A dress, addresses and addressing life

I have a dress. It is the dress I will wear to the wedding unless I find another.

In case you haven't noticed, I am the opposite of a lot of bridezillas. It will happen. I only get stressed about it when I start getting other people stressing about it and then I blow.

There is a saying from mustering days (attributeable to my father or one of his mentors) - "Work them wide" - this is about cattle with a large flight zone. If you get in too close to them they will bolt for the hills rather than succumb to your will. However, if you just hover on their flight horizon, they will work in with a mob and head in the right direction.

I think either I am working the wedding wide, or I am the wide-worked bride.

Five weeks to go and I am sending out the last of the invites today - oh so very organised, hey?

So really, just need to organise the ceremony, chairs for people, what V is going to wear, finalise the details for the reception and work out where we are going to stay for the night.

Thats almost wide enough.

'Salina is back at school today. Which means I am back working today. Hooray!!!

I have almost finished the to-do list in my brain to put down on paper, but its getting long.

One thing about addressing life with a list is you believe you can handle it and control it.

Sometimes life throws a curve ball.

One of my favourite bloggers has been thrown a curve ball in the form of breast cancer. Two weeks ago she was getting ready for her day with her mental to-do list - which got completely sidelined when she discovered a lump in her breast.

Today, they hope they have removed all the cancer and she is about to start a list involving radiation, chemotherapy and survival.

Please everyone (and this includes blokes) put "check for lumps" on your to do list - right after the "count blessings" checkbox. I plan to.

A few posts I have found the last few days regarding breasts:


Anonymous said...

Hugs to your friend.
Keep us posted on her journey.

Anonymous said...

Life does throw curveballs to each and every one of us once in a while. Some good, some not so good.

Wow, your preperations are going along swimmingly if just. Well done. The countdown has begun, has it not?

Woman in a Window said...

Ah shit, boobs, the food of life. Not fair. Not fair. Not fair. Hope your friend ends up with many more days for many more lists. Good ones!

megz_mum said...

Wow, you just never know what's around the corner! Hopefully the lump removal went well.
And sounds like the wedding plans are going well enough - 5 weeks is still a lot of sleeps.

Lin said...

Can't wait to see your dress! With you in it of course. :) And organisation is highly overrated. I bet you're the kind of person who performs best under pressure anyway. lol Hope you'll get it all done in time though and it won't cause you too much angst.

Anonymous said...

Right, so my invite is in the mail, then? Goodo.

Debby said...

Thanks, Jeanie.

And I'm glad you finally found a dress.

Maude Lynn said...

Anti-bridezilla is the only way to go!

mommamia said...

I will pray for your friend. Let us know how she is doing.

I'm so glad you found a dress. Can't wait to see the pictures.

Jayne said...

I hate, hate, hate ,hate, HATE cancer.

Tracey said...

Five weeks?! HEAPS of time! Love the 'work them wide' philosophy. I think I could apply that to a lot of things.

Bettina said...

oooo work them wide philosophy applies to many of the thigns I handle lol

Anonymous said...

That is the thing about cancer, it sneaks up on you when you are doing the most normal mundane things. Hugs to your friend and I hope all is well.

Anonymous said...

You know, I've only just heard the term bridezilla recently. Friends of mine have a younger sister who's just gotten married and that's what they were calling her. LOL. Sounds like you have a good attitude toward the wedding. I'm someone who tends to stress out easily but I made up my mind I was going to relax and enjoy my wedding day and for the most part I did. :) I hope it all goes well in the final weeks leading up to the big day. And there had better be photo's!!! Just sayin'.... :)

As for cancer - what a horrible and scary thing. I'm glad awareness is so much better these days. But it's still such a tragic killer. :(

MissyBoo said...

I hope you friend is doing well, and treatment stops the cancer in its tracks.

Woohoo... a dress!!! And my gosh only 5 weeks to go, and really not much morre to organise by the sound of things :-)

jeanie said...

Swampwitch - it is a good thing you are doing.

Mel - it would appear, although there are days it ticks louder than others.

WomanInAWindow - So do I.

MegzMum - 35 in fact (not that I am counting).

Lin - I keep telling myself that!

RhubarbWhine - if you are up here in 5 weeks, consider yourself invited.

Debby - so am I.

MamaZen - it IS the Zen way.

Mommamia - I am sure every prayer is working hard.

Jayne - no, I can't see its redeeming features myself.

Tracey & Bettina - Work it Wide does work in so many situations.

Kelley - she is getting many gentle hugs.

Lightening - having a whole posse of photographers in my family someone better have a snap for me to share.

M&B - that is what I keep telling myself.