Thursday, October 16, 2008

Waiting For The Third Shoe to Drop

The night before, I woke with a cramp in my left calf - leading to a limp for half of yesterday because I think I pulled a muscle.

Yesterday, a broom fell on my left foot (possibly because I had upset its rest and actually used it) causing the limp to get worse.

Questions that are raised resultantly:
  • Can I go back through history to find the "first" and therefore negate the worry about the third?
  • What is the bit on your foot actually called when it is not your toes, sole, instep, heel, ball or ankle? You know the bit I am talking about.
  • Should I steer clear of housework in the future, just to ensure my safety?
  • How the heck can you get comfortable to go to sleep when you naturally lay on your stomach, but flexing your foot too much causes calf agony and stretching your foot too much causes that-bit-of-the-foot agony?

Oh and
  • Can I count sleep deprivation as the third?

Your input would be appreciated.


Debby said...

ooooh. Absolutely, steer clear of the housework. It's an omen!

Jayne said...

No housework, all of us in Blog-land are in revolt and we're downing tools.
Join us in the cake shop for yummy naughtiness and much needed R&R ;)

Anonymous said...

I'd count sleep deprivation as the third, definitely!

no more housework for you (or anyone according to Jayne lol)

MissyBoo said...

Yes, sleep deprivation can be counted as the third.

Is it the top of the foot you're talking about but otherwise I've got no idea?!?

Just avoid housework, its too unsafe!!!

Anonymous said...

Definitely no housework - it doesn't do anyone any good and should be avoided if injured. Maybe you should supply a little diagram or photo so we can name the unknown foot part

Pencil Writer said...

Get a cloth bag (or small pillow case or sock--clean one of course) put in some rice (un-cooked, of course) place it in the microwave (unless you don't have one) for a couple of minutes and apply to the sore, aching muscles. I LOVE mine. In fact, have made a few and given them away to family and friends.

Oh, and do let the housekeeping rest for awhile. It'll still be there waiting on you when you recover. (Doesn't it always?)

Hope you're better soon!

jeanie said...

I love the 100% endorsement of the no-housework ruling!!!

Jayne - are you saying we are all revolting?

Anonymous said...

A1: If you can't go back through history to find the first, then you can't go back to find the second and third, either. Which means, superstitially speaking, none of them ever happened. You're peachy.

A2: The bit with all the bones.

A3: Hell yes. Plus, if you use a broom (or even have one in the house), you may be denounced and burned as a witch. Good christian women don't use brooms. Or any cleaning appliance, just in case. If you're not a good christian woman, or even a christian, pretend.

A4: Dislocate your hips and lie with knees facing outward.

Now that I've solved all YOUR problems, maybe I should work on my own ;-)

Anonymous said...

I think that, yes, the universe is definitely advocating a no housework policy.

Maude Lynn said...

Definitely avoid housework! Clearly, it's not safe.

Tracey said...

I have a fridge magnet that says "Housework won't kill you but why take the chance". It's my motto.

I also get weird stuff happening to my feet from time to time... I think it's called getting old and turning into a crock!! Fun isn't it! (So you have my total sympathy and empathy...)

mommamia said...

No housework or work of any kind that might endanger your feet.

Anonymous said... all the women saying "no housework".

I think, like all good atheletes, it needs to be walked off so you can continue playing :)

BB said...

Dear me... you are sooooo your father's daughter. Talk about superstitious!!!! As far as I can recall he hates sweeping too... heh! Is Slick "v" in disguise??

Melody said...

That's it. No more housework for you.

jeanie said...

lol - Slick - sure, walk it off, stretch it out, find a good target to aim it at...

BB - Slick is not V - V is all for me resting up and prioritising my commitments, Slick is a very interesting blogger who can cause many an un-PC laugh.

Alison said...

I am a huge advocate of avoiding housework. Thank you Jeanie, for adding another point to the argument!
(That's a yes, by the way. You should avoid all future endangering domestic activities!)

Woman in a Window said...

There's some weird foot energy going around! Last week my sister got caught for 45 minutes in her hall when a cabinet fell on her foot. Next day I was moving a cabinet at work and my boss slammed the cabinet into a wall. Er, my foot was in the way.