Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I am back, V's back and breaking the budget

Yes, we are back from the country. 'Salina had a great time, filled with lots of cousins and a bit of horse-riding.

I also rode the computers fairly hard while I was out there, and I think I have taken the buck out of them.

V, as you know, is a bricklayer. On Monday, without his girls around, he wrecked his back. No - not by slinging bricks or mixing mortar - he was getting up from a chair.

The good news is we can still afford to get married in (gulp) 3 1/2 weeks.

I am so blessed - we are not going to starve, we are not going to be homeless, I can massage figures around until they are shiny, I am quite busy with work at the moment and I live in the best country in the world.

I am also blessed because V is not work-shy, does do what he can around the house, tries to be mouselike while I am working and somehow manages to say the right words when it matters.

But gee - you know, there are days when I contemplate salaried life and think "wouldn't it be nice to not worry so much".

My best budgeting tip is to do one - that way you KNOW what you have to play with.

What works for you when the worries sneak up?


BB said...

Crud... poor V! All will be OK. Your wedding offering is covered as discussed!

When worries sneak up, I freak. As you well know. THen I make a list. It's what we Granite Glen women DO. Makes us feel like we are doing something. Remember how I lost my job a few weeks before my wedding?? I made a lot of homemade candles as I recall... does that help??

MissyBoo said...

Poor V. But I'm glad you were able to massage the budget in all the right directions, and that the wedding will go ahead.

I stress majorly when the worries sneak up, and see my mum!

Anonymous said...

Gosh, I hope his back is all better before your wedding.

You are very lucky to be able to juggle things around and be ok.

me? I hide. lol

Anonymous said...

Oh I feel for him. It's amazing how simply a back can go. I did mine jogging! Can you believe that! And I jogged all the time but I went road jogging and harder than usual and the next day, couldn't move! One bulging disc, lots of money to doctors and years of future pain!

Before that, I would never have believed how painful a back problem could be. Now, I do! I hope that he hasn't done too much damage.

Mozi Esme said...

Hot chocolate! And hot showers! And long drives - except for the price of fuel...

Sorry to hear about the back.

Jayne said...

Ouch! Hope his back heals quickly.
I panic, fret, panic some more, then grind my teeth in my sleep till I work something out.


Chairs can be killers! Banish it.

I think I do a little Bettina and a little Jayne with a some ranting and raving mixed.

Alison said...

Oh ouch! Poor V indeed! And poor you - You are almost joined in holy watchama-call-it so you will legally have to feel his pain, too (or something).
3 1/2 weeks, hey. That's how many days/hours/minutes/seconds?

Debby said...

I pray. It helps bring it all in perspective. And the thing about money problems is that they never ever kill you. The poorest I've ever been was when I was raising three children on a janitor's pay. I learned to be very clever about grocery shopping. I did all clothes shopping in the second hand stores (no one could tell was the funniest thing). I stockpiled Christmas all year around as I saw sales. As you begin to manage these crises, they become less scary, your faith grows, and the next economic crisis is not so scary, because you've faith in yourself. It was funny to me that as much as I agonized over those years, and wished that I could do better for my children, once we were talking, and my kids looked at me in astonishment. They had not realized we were poor. I was so glad.