Thursday, November 06, 2008


The commentluv experiment is over until a glitch or two is fixed...

The commentluv itself worked - sort of - but the posts were not in order and it was too confusing for even my most hardy commenters.

Meanwhile, on the wedding front...

I know, its all wedding all of a sudden - 'Salina did successfully turn 9, V has successfully returned to work and I am consumed with feeding them, housework and working - and the wedding...

I know I don't talk about my work here because really - how riveting is it for you that I entered a few logging sheets and put a few graphics on a few pages, fixed a few forms and analysed some statistics today?

So, my all consuming passion apart from this today was working out who is going on which table. Whee.

Do you put all the marrieds together?

Should I scatter the very sparse male representation across the room?

Is it okay to just have a spare seat on each table for V and I to hop and just ditch the whole "sacrificial alter" thing?

We have no wedding party except from 'Salina - our witnesses are guests - and she is very keen to be queen of the kids tables.

While it would be nice to just have a tete-a-tete with V, I don't like the goldfish bowl thing.

There are people in our family who could probably be up there - but it is a large family and I want them to be on tables with guests.

I want to be on tables with guests.

I am not stressing. Yet.

Ah, that is better - I just typed a whole psychobabble about something and then deleted it.

Suffice to say, I am glad I got it out onto the screen - and I am glad you didn't have to read through it!

8 more sleeps. Sister outlaw and favourite cousin arrive on the train tomorrow.

They can't make the wedding so they are having some special time with us before.

Besides being a really cool person, sister outlaw is a professional cleaner always in need of cash, and I am happen to have some aside for some professional housecleaning (I am very much in the part-time amateur field) it is a fortuitous combination.

Favourite cousin has been best friends with 'Salina since she was 3 months in-utero. Sister outlaw worked out her pregnancy status at my party where we announced 'Salina.

Shoe shopping tomorrow. I hate shoe shopping. Bra shopping too. Ditto. Thank goodness sister-outlaw is in town tomorrow afternoon - a bright spot to look forward to.

Sister-out-law and favourite cousin are visiting and helping with a house blitz on the weekend.

Try to fit a week's work into Monday.

All things hair on Tuesday.

The first wave of help arrives Wednesday - friends and family.

Everyone is offering to help but I have no idea what tasks to set.

All I have left to contemplate is shoes, flowers and bras, really.


BB said...

Say hello to the early wave of helpers for us... d'ya want me to write the blinking lists for ya?

*braces self ready for the fend*

Rootietoot said...

I say put all the men together in another room, with a couple of kegs and a big-screen tv. They're all there just to humor the women, anyway.

Jayne said...

Nail or superglue the blokes to the chairs at random throughout the room.
Good luck!

Tracey said...

Well way back at our wedding we let our wedding party of two (ie. my sister, and husband's mate) have their partners sit with them up on our table - which everyone sat around rather than in a long line (because I thought THAT was much more sociable than being on display.) (That was prompted by me suffering through a wedding not being able to sit with MY partner because HE was in the bridal party... and I was stuck with other couples, plus one other stray partner whose girlfriend was a bridesmaid. Needless to say I didn't enjoy it very much.

I think you are on to something with your thoughts.. you should go for it and do whatever you want, and not worry about the tradition of the bridal table and all that. Musical bride and groom placings?! Go for it!

(As for the rest of the seating arrangements.. good luck.. I guess you'll never please everyone. In my experience you can have a great time sitting with people you've never met.. or a shocking time. I've done both!)

Melody said...

I think a common thing to do these days regarding seating is just sit where you want, even the bride and groom! Or maybe you 3 could just all site together in the center of the room and all the guests choose where they want...

I don't like shoe shopping either - well, I don't mind shoe shopping, I just don't like shoe shopping for fancy shoes. *belch* I'm not a high heel person so that's why I dread that kind of shoe shopping.

Good luck with everything. Hope your week runs smooth as silk.

Debby said...

Jeanie - Seems as if your mind is running all over the place. Give yourself a break. Put BB to work. Anybody else walks in the door, put them to work too. You might just want to slink off and shoe, bra, and flower shop, once you've delegated every other job to every other person.

Just a suggestion! Hugs.

Oh. And how is V dealing with all this?

word verification toodird. I just toodird you on how to plan a wedding, the easy way.

Woman in a Window said...

The day is drawing near. Will you post pictures, I'm wondering. Hope it's freaken fabulous.

jeanie said...

Thanks everyone.

I think I have seated everyone and most will be happy. I have to resign myself that there will be people who won't.