Saturday, November 08, 2008

The Fend

I bought shoes yesterday. I so never ever buy shoes, so I dragged a girlfriend into town to help me.

I started by forgetting the friend. Had to drive and extra 10km for that little mistake.

Then I forgot my keycard - V had grabbed some milk and bread on the way home yesterday and gave it back, but I didn't put it in the wallet.

Then I forgot my pin on my other card - because on that account, I do nearly all transactions online.

So really, my friend bought me some shoes yesterday. And a dress. And a bra. And hair fripperies.

So all I have left to do is:

  • organise flowers
  • work out to MC or not MC
  • advise the club exact numbers and arrangements
  • get the cake finalised
  • clothes for V
  • shoes for dd
  • Sign for the venue carpark (so people know where to turn off)
  • Printed lists for the table
  • Another tussle with to MC or not MC
  • bonboniere

And people are launching themselves at me offering assistance.

It appears I am very hard to help - but I have discovered I am my own version of Bridezilla, because even though I may have everything under my version of control (which is fairly free-flowing) letting anyone in means they I live in fear of them moving into bulldozer mode (I speak from a certain level of experience - I have historical scars - how else does a toddler get known for saying "I can do it myself") and so I say a very firm NO before they can start their engines.

Any advice (that I probably won't take but at least I do listen and make a decision - offers of help get the deafness)?

Anyhow - I know when they arrive and crunch time comes, things will turn into the dictatorship and zey will do what I say.

I just wish I had a bit more grace in the dictatorship.

All booked in for hair stuff on Tuesday - this beautician who my forum-friends got the voucher from works out of a local hair salon so that took the guesswork out of who I would have fix my hair!

And then the talons on Friday, so I can sink my claws into V beautifully on Saturday.

I really tried to keep the numbers down - honestly, if my list had been the first draft it would have been about 3 times as many people (most of whom would probably have gone "Who?"), even still there will be 75 of us sitting down (at last count) to Australian Chinese cuisine on Saturday week.

In the RSVPs I have had two pregnancy announcements, a separation advisal, a widowing, a leaving Australia decision and about 10 wonderful surprises of people who I never expected to travel so far.


Debby said...

Weddings are lovely, and yours will be, too. No matter what. Now. About the pictures.

Woman in a Window said...

The only advice I could possibly give is the advice I took. Elope. Oop. Too late? Well, you'll have better pictures and hopefully a more memorable day!

Anonymous said...

The countdown looms single digits.... I am so excited!

BB said...

Dress?? Did you say DRESS?? (Says she reading this at 10.26pm Sunday night... too late to ring?)

Blinking tease!

jeanie said...

Deb - I am sure some pictures will be taken.

Woman in a Window - now you tell me?

Less than a week, Rhubarb Whine.

BB - don't get excited - it is it overcome the "I have nothing to wear" category that I have in my wardrobe at the moment. We are still going with the back-up dress.