Thursday, November 13, 2008

Thrilling Thursday

You will be pleased to know that I have given my sister and mother a little job to do.

After a day on Tuesday of coincidences
  • my hairdresser came from Golden Bay, the only place I know anything about in NZ because family of a friend moved there
  • her trainee's stepmother is the lady at the bowls club who is organising that end of the deal
  • A girl I know who runs a lawnmowing business with her hubby can come and do the lawn (okay, that wasn't a coincidence but it pays to have all sorts of contacts)
  • V got served in a clothes shop by a friend of the lady at the bowls club
Yesterday was a little less free-flowing.

The money for the chairs and tables hadn't gone through but the cake deal was finalised, my contacts came in and I was able to put a hold on a camcorder.

That's okay - that is what running round like a headless chicken today is designated for - but also lady at the bowls club in now in hospital, but the guy who is standing in for her is as laid back and got the "no worries" attitude.

Until 7 last night - while sitting down to dinner with my sister and mother. A phone call from the chairman of the board at the bowls club wanting exact number, exact timings and the news that the "lady at the bowls club" no longer held that position.

So I have handballed that looming mess to my mother (who was dealing with them anyway about alcohol requirements). She is going to take my sister along for moral support and a bit of backbone (my sister is great at both).

I also gave my sister a task last night of prettying a few things for printing - signs, table lists, orders of service. See, I can let go!!!

Today, I have to organise the printing for them, pay for the cake, pay for the chairs and tables, collect my contact lenses, collect a few Sydney girls from the airport, collect the camcorder, do the groceries, my brother's birthday present, another girl's wedding present, girl-down-the-road's birthday present and gather fripperies for bonbonierie (or however the doggarned things are spelt) - and try to coincide with the mower guy here to pay him. Then there is only softball practice to contend with...

It is all in control. And if it isn't? Well, it will happen. C'est la vie.

Had a bit of a funny thought, though, last night. I am going over to the "other side" with getting married.

I have had relationships and boyfriends on and off over the years - but I have always been an independent single girl - as are many of my friends.

And although V and I have been together and doing the family thing for quite some time now, my technical "solo mum" and "single gal" tags are being traded in for "blended family" and "married woman".

I am not scared about that or anything silly - its just weird...


Tamsyn said...

It's good to hear you are delegating! Good luck with it all :)

Melody said...

Delegate! Good for you! Take the pressure off a bit.

TO be honest with you, it did feel a little different after getting married to Lyndon after 12 years together. It was (and still is) nice to be able to say "my husband" rather than "my partner"... (I used to get paranoid that when I said "my partner" people would assume I am a lesbian for some reason. I don't know why...of course there is nothing wrong with if I was a lesbian but I'm not.. You understand.)

Tracey said...

Hey Jeanie and V.

Have a wonderful WONDERFUL day! (Surely, surely you won't have time to be blogging/comment reading etc the day before!). By the sounds of it you have the most awesome back up and support - and I am so looking forward to hearing all about your day both from your perspective and your big sis's! (Reading both your blogs makes me feel somehow the teensiest part of it all.)

Congratulations on making it all official, and I wish you both - well, actually, the three of you - all the best as you hitch your lives together.


Debby said...

Teensiest part of it? No Tracey, step right up there like the rest of us and begin advising and taking charge. Ordering her to post pictures, etc. Why take the teensiest part when you can bull your way right in?!!!!

Jeanie, your day will be lovely, once your mum and BB proceed to kick some major a** at the bowls club.

BB said...

Appropriate A** has been kicked (or charmed, depending on how you choose to look at it) and all proceeding swimmingly. Except for the whole car thing! But that's another story...

Thanks guys!!

We will post something at some stage over the next couple of days... my sister's "little jobs" providing!!


PS WV is 'twinesca' ...hmmmmm.

Brissiemum2 said...

Oh deep breaths. I'm sure that it will all go smoothly! Good luck and I hope you enjoy it fully!

Kari said...

Well Jeanie, it is all coming together not without some last min kinks but it never is.

Might I make a suggestion to your sister? Okay... good I thought it would be okay with Bush Babe.

My longest standing best friend in the entire world (really she's like a sister to me and that is what I call her) married in 2001. I don't know what time the ceremonies commence but that mornign we went to breakfast. I handled everything when we woke that morning until after the ceremony and the reception got started off. All 'vendors' were instructed to come to ME (by me... I'm a bossy one aren't I?) if I felt the matter needed the brides attention I took it to her (none of them did). It was a perfect day for her and her husband (me a little stressful but it was my best gift to her). All sorts of things that seemed perfect even moments before went wrong and my sister friend knew nothing of it.

She remembers her wedding day as flawless as it should be.

I'm sure you will do this anyway without my suggestions lol but I am bossy like that (see above lol).

mommamia said...

Jeanie-Lots of hugs to all of you! I'm so happy for you.

Can't wait to see pictures.

Maude Lynn said...

I'm so excited, and I know that it's going to be perfect!

MissyBoo said...

Yay for your mum and BB on taking the delegation in hand...

Have a fabulous day! I have the champagne on ice (well in the fridge) to have a toast to you tomorrow

Anonymous said...

How exciting, it's so close now.
Thinking of you.

Pencil Writer said...

Many happy hours for you all in the next couple a days! We're all dying to see the Wedding Picture Portfolio. ;-}

Jayne said...

It's HERE, the DAY!!!!
Oooooooooooo so excited and happy for you, Jeanie!
Have a fantastically brilliantly wonderful day!!!

Anonymous said...

Micromanaging huh? :)

I lost my right to delegate when I got married ;)

And congrats!

I'm Julie said...


As I write this it is 5:30 pm Friday night here in So. Cal - which I reckon is 11:30 ish am Saturday morning - you are either married or on you way - and I have a glass 'o' bubbly in my hand for you. (Well, technically it is a glass of red wine. That's how I celebrate!)

Congratulations, my friend. Can't wait to see pictures and read all about it.

I wish you both a lifetime of love and happiness!

Woman in a Window said...

It is big trading in one identity for another. But it is only a label. Just words. Be happy and live large.