Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Today I promise you tomorrow

I know, it is unforgiveable but I have been out of the blog loop since I griped about the weather.

And since I griped about the weather, Paradise has turned on all her charms - hence my hesitation at staying indoors at this keyboard, and with the exception of promises of some shekels tying me down to it for some hours yesterday, I have been enjoying these charms under many pretexts.

On Sunday I weeded and pruned and harvested the vegie beds. You want photos? Ha - I did not think to take any.

Then on Sunday I went to the beach with 'Salina to meet up with cousins and siblings. My sister and SIL took many photos - but again, a vacuum here.

Then on Sunday, we (as in V) dug large holes in the back yard to plant some wedding gifts - and hopefully we will be inundated with limes and mandarines and lemonades in the years to come. (add in your own chorus of "yes, there are no photos").

Yesterday, I actually derived great joy from escaping the computer for stolen moments here and there pegging out the washing. When V and 'Salina were both home, we then took advantage of long Summer hours to work on batting and pitching and catching (and getting to know our neighbours as we fetched the ball back from other backyards).

Last night, right at dinner time, the phone rang. This is not unusual, as it seems certain companies have discovered that I no longer have a silent number and they would love to offer me free phones and better deals - and there is no time like dinner to shower us with these presents.

But this phone call was different. This phone call was from the tree guy.

He will be here today. And so today, before that moment, I will take and make a photo montage of my backyard. And also today, after that moment, I will take and make a photo montage of my backyard.

How exciting - the anticipation of actually getting a picture or two should tide you all (or at least both of you) until tomorrow.


Anonymous said...


Pictures will be great.

Sounds like you've been enjoying yourself getting your yard organised.

Jayne said...

We shall expect recipes of lime, mandarine and lemon marmalade/butter :P

Anonymous said...

Send me the limes when they fruit - I need them for my amaretto sours :)

Debby said...

HEY! I've been pretty darn patient, Jeanie girl. I only nagged about the wedding! And posting an enchilada recipe?!!! You had it coming.

PS Before and after pictures are a must in any home improvement project!

WV is diaster. Awful close to disaster. I'm sure it's not an omen.

MissyBoo said...

Woohoo photos!


Typical Australian Honeymoon??

Sounds like a good week. *grin*