Thursday, January 08, 2009

Logic 101 - Classes now open with Professor 'Salina

This morning I awoke at 7. A bright, sunny day with a sheen of mugginess hanging heavy in the air.

'Salina was already in the living room, having been awake since 4.45, just finishing breakfast and playing happily with a phalanx of My Little Ponyies, a doll, a pair of scissors, a roll of tape, paper and some pencils.

I went in to brew coffee and fill the water filter, make the tea, arrange my brain and gird my loins for the walk I had promised this morn.

Negotiations were made on the timing of our promise (she opened with waiting until a certain level of digestion had taken place - I must tell you one day about my leftover turkey pies).

V wandered out to the scent of the coffee (while I finished the washing up - shhhh, not sure if I am more embarassed that my mother will find out OR that my one New Year's Resolution lasted only a week) and weather was discussed.

"It has rained a lot" observed 'Salina.

We all agreed it looked and felt like more.

"So, its been sunny then raining then sunny then raining?" I enquired.

"No" she countered. "It was raining then sunny then raining then sunny. Otherwise it would be raining now."



Pencil Writer said...

Oh my goodness! That sounds so familiar! We have those kinds of logic conversations around this house way too often! Thanks, Salina and Jeanie for the smiles you engendered!

Debby said...

I see that Salina is going to take right after her logical mother. Thanks for the laugh!


good one

Maude Lynn said...

That early in the morning it would have went right over my head!

Alison said...

You know it's just because she had a head start on being awake....
lol - That is fantastic!

BB said...

We don't mind if she brings some rain-sun-rain-sun with her next visit. Or even some sun-rain-sun-rain!!!

Melody said...

Spot on. You've got yourself a smart one.

Jayne said...


Anonymous said...

You can't beet that logic