Sunday, January 18, 2009

Wordless - heck, speechless!

Last time we drove home from Granite Glen, 'Salina asked me to look at a cloud as I was driving.

I explained that I couldn't do that, and maybe she could take a photo and I would see it later.

I finally looked.

Wow, hey?


Anonymous said...

Wow is right.

I LOVE cloud watching.

Anonymous said...

Good spotting, Salina. I love that kids see what we look past.

Mary O. Paddock said...

Oh wow. That's beautiful. Nice catch Salina.

I love it when one of mine gets excited about the sunset.

Debby said...

Doesn't it look like a hug?

Maude Lynn said...

Very cool!

Jayne said...

Wow, Salina's got a great eye for photography!
And the cloud totally rocks, too :P

BB said...

Fabulous!!! I shall get Salina to show her this immediately... THAT's my neice!!! Heh.

Deb, you typed exactly what I said when I saw this great cloud formation!!!

BB said...

Salina says: THanks guys for all the great comments!

(As transcribed by BB, who is currently having Salina for a few sleepovers!)

David said...

If you tried to dream that up and paint it from an imaginary memory, it would not be close to what you saw and photographed.
Amazing indeed.

Melody said...

Wonderful. Yes, a hug indeed. Beautiful.

Thank you for sharing - it is a beautiful image!


Truly magnificent.

I love sky watching.


Can I steal that first shot and use it as a desktop photos?

Please please please

Anonymous said...

Speechless is right.

Wow. Can't wait to get my son a camera.

Ms. Single Mama

mommamia said...

Gorgeous pictures. I love watching the sky.

Woman in a Window said...

Amazing sky!

Just-Me-Jen said...

That is very cool - good job 'Salina!

MissyBoo said...


I guess 'Salina takes after Aunty BB, she has captured what she saw beautifully :-)