Thursday, March 12, 2009

Depression, thy name was Hamish

But now you're gone, gone, gone.

We still have wailing winds, more moisture than you wet our hair with when you were whole and threatening, pumping surf and a shoreline devoid of sand that you sucked away.

Perhaps we shall occasionally remember you as the one who threw a trawler about and stole three fishermen from way, way out at sea.

I am sure we shall also remember the pure miracle that you (well, possibly the big boss) tossed an EPIRB to one in the middle of the ocean and gave him life - life that, when we heard of his rescue, we all valued that much more.

But now - back to the business of living without you taunting us.


Jayne said...

Just send the wet stuff down the coast a bit...yep, a bit further....keep going....yep, a little bit further....ahh, yes, now you've hit the (Victoria) spot ;)

Debby said...

Glad that you got some rain out of it. And really, you oughta 'share the wealth' with Jayne.

Maude Lynn said...

Hope you get some better weather!

tiff(threeringcircus) said...

We could use some more rain (not)here.
Send that blustery old fool this way.

Imageo said...

Hamish has certainly lived up to its woosy name, good riddance. I was wondering how the old Queenslander would have stood up to the test if it'd come ashore at Bundy.

Anonymous said...

The bugger still got us though - my favourite island is now an oil slick :(