Friday, March 13, 2009

Kick off

Did you feel the subtle change in the air?

Ah yes - its football season, and we kicked off last week in usual style - a drunken debauched smiling face of football falling flat on his sense of entitlement.

Nothing like a few off-field dramas.

But that is so last week baby.

Tonight was kicked off in true footy style, with grown men doing what grown men do far more beautifully than get drunk and grope - running fast, bashing into each other, tossing around a football and pleading "me sir?" at the referees.

And so another season begins - another season of losing V's intense attention before the second game on Friday night, another season of yelling at the ref (indeed, they have increased number of referees per game so even more to yell at), another season of inane quips and commentry.

Bring it on.

So, how about them Broncos*?


Woman in a Window said...

I'm afraid I fall outside the realms of sports. But about that drunken debauchery...

Debby said...

Not a football fan but 'Woman in a
Window' made me laugh out loud.

Jayne said...

Oh DID send the water works down south!
Thank you :)

Yes, AFL ping pong has begun with the equally enthralling (note the sarcasm) Melb Footy Show dredged back from the bottom of the barrel.

Imageo said...

The Broncos got lucky. As a long-time supporter of the Cowboys all I can say is that last night was a rather disappointing start to the season (we're used to that though). It can only get better.

BB said...

I'm with Deb - that WIAW cracked me up!!! Funny Canuck!

As Jeanie knows, I am more a UNION gal than a LEAGIE gal, but since CAMPDRAFTING has taken over my life... sigh... no nubile young-ish thugs on which to gaze. Never mind. Pass the scotch.