Monday, March 23, 2009

Last Night

It was Sunday night, we were all exhausted from jobs well done and the child had been read with and put to bed. Within 10 minutes, she was asleep.

V and I turned to adult discussions - which channel of mind-numb to set as background noise, what hour we had to sleep to ensure a good Monday morning, what our options were regarding entertainment until that hour.

'Salina emerged from her bedroom for a toilet stop. She does that - just gets up and goes in the middle of the night - so no drama, but a certain relief that some entertainment options had not been taken early.

'Salina then emerged from the toilet and went straight in to our room. Now we were greatly relieved - but perplexed. I went to investigage.

"Honey" I shook her awake, "'Salina darling, you need to sleep in your own bed."

She looked around and half sat up. I moved to take her into her own bed, and she rolled and snuggled in to the other side of the bed.

"'Salina" I shook her awake again, "Darling, you're in the wrong bed. Come on, into your own bed."

Again it was as if she woke - and gave me half a smile before rolling back away from me and cuddling up to the pillows.

"Come on 'Sa, stop playing games."

Again - I had woken her, she looked around in seeming surprise and moved as if to get out of bed - only to turn back our sheets and nestle down.

"'Salina Gina, out of our bed RIGHT NOW!! Stop messing with my mind." I said quite sternly.

Eventually (and believe me, the above conversation took a few more entries) I half-dragged her (she is too big for me to carry these days - sob) towards the door. As we passed the living room opening, apparently she pulled a rather clownish face at V before going straight towards the bathroom before I manhandled her into her room and bed. She was asleep before I tucked her in.

Of course, the sheer terror whether she was awake or asleep kyboshed any entertainment options that involved our bedroom, so we spent the time reconstructing and wondering what was she doing.

When I asked her this morning if she had gotten up during the night, 'Salina remembered nothing - and laughed uproariously at my rendition of the evening.

This is not the first incident where she has appeared awake in the middle of the night, but it was the most involved.

Should I freak out now, or just keep the video camera handy?


Debby said...

Oh, video, video. And did you know that you can post it for us all?

Tracey said...

That's a classic!

When Ms 15 had sore throat/glandular fever in January, she appeared up in our room in the middle of the night, and headed towards the pile of clean laundry, as if to rummage around to find clean stuff for the next day. (Woke us up with a start.) "Are you ok?!" we asked, worried about her throat etc. "Yep, I'm good" she said. "So what are you doing? What's the matter?!" we asked. "Um... oh... I must be sleepwalking" she said. And took herself back to bed. In the morning she had no memory at all of it.

It's pretty funny, but very freaky though isn't it!!

Anonymous said...


Teen Shamrock went a wandering round the house more than once growing up, but there was no dialogue. Mr Shamrock would lead her back to bed and she would go.

And I vote for a video !!!!

Woman in a Window said...

Just keep the video handy. Apparently I used to carry on full conversations and watch tv in my sleep, while appearing awake. I wish someone would have had a camera then 'cause I'm not so sure they're not me.

♥.Trish.♥ Drumboys said...

Oh gee, what fun ...keep the video handy.

A stellar post Jeanie oldest did this once or twice and had no knowledge at all.

Pity about the entertainment options being quashed ;)

BB said...

Ummmmm... as the godmother of this little angel, could I intervene on her behalf? No video please - your descriptions are quite vivid enough and possibly less liable when she goes to sue in about 10 years time!!!

MissyBoo said...

I think the video... you can just never tell what a sleepwalkers next adventure may lead :)

I often wonder whether I still occasionally sleepwalk? I have no-one to tell me. The best one was when I was found walking down the fire escape of our London flat in -8 degree wearing a T-shirt and knickers!

Jayne said...

She was probably over-tired, nothing to fret about ;)