Saturday, March 21, 2009


Yesterday was an excellent day!

(Thank goodness, hey, because we had a run of Miss Positivity here running out of ways to make lemonade)

We started early - V left at first light to catch some waves. They weren't quite up to the standard set by the cyclone, but he had 15 minutes of the whole ocean to himself before a horde of other expectant surfers muscled in on his patch - but still, a good surf is the best way (apparently) to set up a Saturday.

Chef 'Salina only has one recipe, but she is excellent at it - scrambled eggs on toast were consumed to the background of sunshine, good humour and anticipation.

'Salina had her last game of softball for the season - the team we were playing has a reputation - or rather, have a coach with a reputation. He would be an excellent coach for under 14s or under 17s, but really, sledging should be shelved in under 11s. Each game is life and death, apparently - and as we were the second best team and last game of the season, it was all about the sheep station.

Of course, it doesn't help that every time we play this clown's team, our own coaches become as silly as wheels - they aren't that far from wheel status at the best of times, but it is like watching a David Attenborough documentary in the dugout.

We did end up losing 13-11 - but our team did play excellently and we would have all been chuffed by the way they did (if it hadn't been for the couches arguing finer points of Under 11 rules - which seem to change weekly), and all kids got a trophy for playing the season, which really impresses 'Salina.

Groceries weren't really THAT exciting - I think receiving a voucher for a free kebab was the universe softening me up for that small grape incident in the fruit and vegetable section.

In the afternoon, Girl Down the Road came up and we all went cycling - ostensibly to cast our vote in the State Election, but we also whizzed down through the tourist section of shops, boardwalk, beachside and parks.

Last night, we had one of our favourite meals - homemade pizzas - everyone went to bed happy.

See universe - except for the sunburned nose, you have NAILED Saturday!!

And a big thank you - it looks like Sunday is cut from the same cloth.


Jayne said...

So long as 'Salina enjoyed herself, it doesn't matter if the team lost. (would have been nice if they won though, I shall have harsh words with the Gods of Softball!!!).
Glad to hear Sunday is turning into a ripper of a day :)

WV = pashing

Melody said...

Oh your Saturday sounded perfect - by my books. So love days like that... Hope your Sunday is just as magical.

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad your Saturday was lovely. We all deserve a beautiful day when so many are crummy.

Kari said...

Oh, your Saturday sounds lovely Jeanie! My Saturdays need to have a talk with your Saturdays lately to figure out how to have lovely ones too.

Woman in a Window said...

Sounds like a wonderful Saturday. Wish they could all be this good, even with the near win.

Debby said...

I'm kind of curious about the grape incident in the fruit and vegetable section, being nosy and all...