Sunday, May 31, 2009

Stomach of iron

As I say to people who bring on the "morning sickness" type questions - I should have been a brood mare because me and this pregnancy thing get on just fine.

In fact, it is a good thing me and Mr Right weren't childhood sweethearts, because this blog would be about the 16 children sending a mother mad, rather than the more constrained version of events I offer.

Only 6 things make me chunder.

  1. Seeing another person throwing up. Doesn't always guarantee results, but will create dry retches at the very least. Another good reason I am not a nurse.
  2. Food poisoning - although it has to be pretty poisonous food to get me right to the porcelain recepticles door.
  3. Gastro - and we aren't talking about that at the moment, because it is visiting the house and I don't want it to think it is welcome to stay.
  4. Fried spinach - yes, who would dry fry spinach and then give his pregnant girlfriend not only the visual option but also the full olfactory impact of the dish? That would be P., 'Salina's father.
  5. Ulcers - I have only had this phenomenon once, but it was a long six months (but a welcome relief from the extra 15 kilos I lost during the journey - the last 5 after the extras not so much) of extreme hunger and tossing up the decision to eat knowing it was likely going to end in the can, or not to eat for the same calorific ending.
  6. Migraines - and the funny thing is, since stopping taking the pill I have not had ONE of these suckers. Coincidence, anyone?

Its funny - everyone is MOST concerned about the chucking aspect of early pregnancy - which I don't get - but they are rather averse to descriptions of any other side-effects.

Someone asked the question the other day and I advised no to the barfing but was as windy as a boatrace - apparently that fell in to the TMI category.

I swear, this is NOT going to turn into a pregnancy blog (well, as much as my brain will alow) but I am hoping to goodness that the headache I awoke with this morning and the reveille I was playing was more to do with not drinking enough water and the cabbage in the salad last night than anything to do with numbers 3 or 6 - because then we will ALL be praying that we were talking about aching breasts and the dearth of maternity clothing options!


Leenie said...

Best wishes for good health for both of you during the next few months. You are so blessed to miss the "joy" of chundering.

Mary O. Paddock said...

I am sooo jealous. I spent easily half of every pregnancy "chundering" (good word, by the way).

I hope you have a smooth ride!

Jayne said...

Chundered my heart out with both my girls to the point I was almost able to time my shopping between public restrooms lol.
Feral Beast - nada!

Debby said...

I was very good at gestating myself, not sick, just wanted a warm sunny spot to nap in. I should have been an unspayed cat.

The pill always triggered migraines with me. Always. They told me that I should never take them because of the migraine issue and cautioned me that I might be a candidate for a stroke if I used them.

BB said...

Oh, Jeanie. I am quite used to your windy-ness my dear. (Both ends! Oops, is that Mum approaching with a wooden spoon? heh)

Deb - did you say stroke?? Gads... Jeanie, didn't you get migraines BEFORE you were medicated for non-pregnancy? TMI??

Melody said...

The only time I know when I am pregnant is when I look down and think - gee look at my tummy. I too neither suffer from Morning sickness or any other pregnancy things. A few slight headaches (need more water) and just recently I have started to get sore legs - nothing a pillow can't fix when in bed! *heehee*

The thing is, I can actually see myself glowing - I think pregnancy suits me too, but this child is it. No more.

jeanie said...

Leenie - I know and appreciate my blessing!

Mary - ooh - I went through pregnancy with a SIL who was throwing up the morning of birth, and I have another SIL who cannot keep the pregnancy secret due to such severe illness. They too are jealous - but they have gifts I don't enjoy so I can reciprocate jealousy.

Jayne - that is too funny! By the end I used to time my shopping visits with known safe restroom locations, also - but that was for the other end of pregnancy matters.

Deb - doctors know my side-effects and have never offered me the stroke excuse to not take the beggar...

BB - I got headaches ALL through my childhood - Mum got sick of me and thought I was having her on so she sent me one day. That was the day Mrs McC was making candles at her house and I fainted at the uneven bars. I think the pill was a trigger, not causal.

Melody - I have always had a tummy to look at, although it does look like it has grown in the three days I have been telling people! Are you taking a multivitamin & mineral supplement? Minerals, apparently, are key factors in the old restless legs.

Woman in a Window said...

Pregnant...i'm still reeling from the news (and knocking everything wood in my reach!) Hope it's easy on you. You just spill what you need to. Looks like the majority of your readers are women and I bet most of us have been there.

Take care!

Mistress B said...

ooo I'm jealous! Threw up with all of mine and whoever says that morning sickness is only a first trimester thing is lying!

Pencil Writer said...

Congratulations! Where have I been. Well, I guess the pregnancy thing is going around. Our youngest daughter is suffering with the yuckies associated therewith. She's asked some very interesting things about the ins and outs of pregnancy and all the emotional turmoil that can engender.

Best wishes that you, V and Salina can all enjoy the whole thing! My youngest was born when I was 38. I wondered if I'd have the energy to chase him around at two. Somehow we did manage through many of the trials and challenges, as well as all the joys of early, middle etc., childhood. He's 22 today!

Lin said...

"I should have been an unspayed cat."

Haha! I'm like you and Jeanie too. Apart from feeling very tired the first 4 months, I felt great.

Can't remember wind or anthying like that either, but living alone, it wouldn't have been noticed as much. ;)

And Jeanie, I'm sure I speak for all of your readers if I say I really don't mind this turning into a pregnancy blog. I like reading about YOU. All of you. Pregnancies tend to be hard to ignore and keep quiet about, especially if you're the one going through it. :)

Maude Lynn said...

Congratulations! I'm so happy for you!

Crazed Nitwit said...

What? You're pregnant? Fabulous. Just let Salina think the baby belongs to her and it'll all be cake!!!!!!

CONGRATS my friend!!!! HUGZ

Rootietoot said...

I loved being pregnant. I told the doctor if there was a way to be 5 months along all the time I'd do it in a heartbeat. Best wishes to you, and if it turns into a pregnancy blog, then a baby's your blog, do with it as you please! I'll live your pregnancy vicariously and dream of a grandbaby one day. Here's to a happy gestation! Cheers!
(ha= word verification reads "simpl"

katef - said...

Ah I am a pregnancy chucker... from about 5 weeks until the day they damn thing (or things as the case may be) get themselves the hell out. Apart from that I do pregnancy rather well and even get good at the spewing.

But I have to be ten seconds away from death to vomit on any other occasion.

Oh and I am windy all the time LOL

MissyBoo said...

Like you, no pregnancy symptoms for me... except heartburn toward the end. Hope your pregnancy continues to be nuisance free