Monday, December 10, 2007

Better the Devil you know?

This afternoon in the back yard, we were having the "what did you do today" discussion.

I had a fairly boring day, with a school assembly, a volunteers morning tea, a very frustrating and ultimately unfulfilling time trying to track down something to complete a project and finally a very dirty and sore task of unloading half a trailer of dirt and then refilling said trailer with garden waste.

V built a house.

"We did nothing" said 'Salina. "Oh, we coloured in and played games."

Both V and I expressed our dismay that she wasn't nose to the grindstone right up until break-up day on Friday, and said that she would be better employed either starting Year 4 work or revising Year 3, working on areas that seriously need improvement.

The discussion then moved on to who got paid for what work and how (as you do - and as 'Salina's teacher may have occasion to read this - hey W - I shan't go into the transition discussion in any detail), which lead eventually to politicians.

"So you pay Kevin Rudd?" asked 'Salina. "I don't like him. I like John Howard."

Holding straight faces, we asked her why the preference.

"Because I have known John Howard forever. I don't like change." she said.

Sounds like some other people I know.

(Please note - political opinions expressed by my child are not necessarily reflections of my own political persuasion. I have long ago given up influencing her in any manner of opinion - I just sit back and watch.)


Anonymous said...

I'm sure there are lots of people with sillier reasons for their vote.


Kay said...

My mum would love your daughter Jeanie....she is a die-hard John Howard fan. LOL

Tee said...

Funny how kids see politics sometimes. Mine often says things about Bush that make me laugh (while reminding him to be respectful.. LOL.)

Lin said...

Which is why 8yos cannot vote! You have another 10 years to try turn her into a progressive thinker. Haha!

Melody said...

Your daughter is hilarious. At least she was honest! A lot of people I know too don't like change. I do. What's the old saying?...A change is as good as a holiday?...